Sunday, September 24, 2017

Individual Learning Plan - Support Centre (CAIRB)

Learning Goals

Learning Activity & Resources

 Current Outcomes

To increase ***s ability to be organised, remain on task and work independently.

Go over visual timetable with *** each morning to establish routine of the day.

Allocate a Key worker who can liaise with home through home-school diary to ensure *** can clear issues before entering the school day.

Check list of how to be ready to learn and how to pack away at end of lesson.

Change in the CAIRB when accessing PE lessons.


No longer requires visual timetable.

Refer to timetable on the wall 108

SG allocated as *** Key worker.





P.E. on Wii Fit in CAIRB

To develop appropriate behaviours to express frustration with himself and his work and coping with anxiety.

Social stories

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Rehearsing Targeted Behaviour

Close monitoring of behaviour. Use of Sensory room.



For *** to develop his social and communication skills.


Follow the Talkabout programme to develop awareness of social and communication skills and have opportunities to practise them.

Circle of friends?


Some successful social communications.

Equine Assisted Learning.

For *** to develop an understanding of appropriate and inappropriate comments.

Social Stories.

Follow the 5 is against the law programme.

Visual prompts to remind *** when he is using phrases he shouldn’t.

A ‘do not use’ box where *** can put phrases he shouldn’t use – can write and post in when feeling the need to say inappropriate things.




Refer to social story visually



Involvement in the production of ‘Good Words-Bad Words’ wall display.

Refer to display.

For *** to feel safe at un-directed times eg break and lunch.

*** to have access to lunch and break time sanctuary in the CAIRB


For *** to have access to an appropriate differentiated curriculum

Literacy support

SEAL course

Liaison with maths

Ongoing additional literacy support with HW.

Accessing mainstream Maths lessons on a part time basis.

To develop ***’s confidence in physical activity.

PE lessons within the CAIRB to build up co-ordination and sense of enjoyment. Liaison with PE dept about phased entry to lessons as appropriate.

Possibility of using multi-gym/swimming?

Wii Fit.

Group core stability sessions to increase co-ordination and confidence.

Table tennis, Tennis, Hockey.

To develop ***’s expressive language

Vocabulary word walls

Mind mapping

Visual Aids to develop own thesaurus



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