Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Children and Young people given a place at the C&IRB would be expected to have an Educational & Health Care Plan. As part of that plan, we would be liaising with staff in the primary setting, attending planned sessions in the primary school (within East Devon) and arranging additional visits for the young people and their parents/carers to visit and become familiar with the staff and the environment.

Take a look at the C&IRB environment at Tiverton High School.


Welcome to the C&IRB at Tiverton High School



This is the main entrance to Tiverton High School.



In this building you will find the Support Centre (upstairs) and the Art Department (downstairs).



The door to the right of the picture, leads to the C&IRB.



This SEND corridor leads to three classrooms, the SEND office, the Life Skills room & the lift for wheelchair users.




The Life Skills room is used for Food Technology, Life Skills and meetings with parents and students.




Inside the C&IRB classroom.




The C&IRB has a sensory room. Students can choose the ambiance that best suits their needs.




Places to see around our school...



This building is the Assembly Hall. It's beside the entrance to the Reception area.



The Art Department almost surrounds the Support Centre. This area, outside the classroom, is a good place to meet friends as it also has a sensory garden and a seating area.




You will need to walk around the car park to reach the main PE hall. The PE lesson doesn't always take place in the hall. If the hall is a difficult place to be in, physical education/activities can be flexible.




Beside the PE Hall is the Design & Technology Department. These are just two of the D&T classrooms at Tiverton High School.


If you would like to come and see the other departments, just let us know!


Becky Lean

ASC Teacher


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