Hello! We are Tiverton High School’s Interact team who strive to support charities here in the UK and worldwide.

Interact is a Youth Rotary Group of which there are many across the world.

We meet every Wednesday lunchtime in room 33.

Currently, we are one of 8 Interact groups in the Southwest alongside Bodmin, Ilfracombe, Launceston, Minehead, Penryn, Penzance and Tavistock.

  • Beyond THS Interact


    The Wider Rotary World

    Rotary International is an organization of business and professional leaders aiming to provide humanitarian services encourage high ethical standards and help build goodwill and peace in the world. Its motto is “Service before self”. There are over 34,000 clubs and 1.2 million members in 200+ countries. All members are called Rotarians.

    Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland (RIBI) is the association of Rotary clubs within England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. It has 53,000 members - men and women of all ages and backgrounds - in 1,850 clubs. These clubs are organised in local districts.

    Rotary District 1175 covers Devon and Cornwall and has 88 clubs (including Tiverton) with over 2500 members.

    Tiverton Rotary Club currently has 40+ members and meets at the Tiverton Hotel on every Monday. Their club is run on a much wider scale with fundraising for many charities at once.

    Rota-kids is the club for 7 – 12 year olds. There are currently 9 Rota-kids clubs in District 1175 with 2 more in the pipeline.

    Rotaract is the club for 18 - 30 year olds. Sadly there are, at the moment, no Rotaract clubs in District 1175.

    Interact is the youth Rotary club for 12-18 year olds. There are more than 15,000 Interact clubs in 142 countries. There are 6 other clubs in our district (Devon and Cornwall) - Bodmin, Ilfracombe, Launceston, Penryn, Penzance and Tavistock – and also one in Minehead in West Somerset (our nearest).  We visited Ilfracombe to advise them on establishing their club and are currently also advising Paignton Community College on establishing a new Interact Club.

    As well as locally organised activities there is the:

    1. Rotary Youth Exchange - where you can make contact with other countries or find a project to support
    2. The Interact Rally
    3. RYLA – a Rotary Youth Leadership scheme involving a week of outdoor challenges for young people aged 16–18.  One of our former Interactors, Luke Broomfield, has been accepted on this year’s scheme that takes place on Dartmoor in July.
  • Quotes about Interact

    “Interact is a fantastic way to get involved in helping the local and international communities throughout the world by working as a team to create exciting, often entertaining events.” Leila Bracken

    "I have loved every minute with Interact, it's a place where we don't just think up ideas, and we develop and complete them! From speaking and presenting to large groups of people, to organising events such as "I'm a Teacher", the opportunities I have had have been fantastic I've been individually challenged but always strongly supported by a great team and awesome leaders such as Sam Padfield (president of Interact)! Ivan Godfrey and Mrs Doeller are two of the supervising figures within Interact. They take the time to offer support and wisdom to the group and are some of the nicest, most genuine people you would ever meet! Everyone is welcome, come and develop some new skills, make new friends, and perhaps even change some lives!" Luke Broomfield

    “I joined Interact in year 10, and since then my outlook on my current situation has dramatically changed! I have met lots of people whom I would have otherwise had no cause to meet; I have developed presentation confidence and leadership skills; I have had the opportunity to support several charities and most importantly of all, I have been able to work with an incredible group of people from Year 7's to our Rotarian Link Ivan Godfrey (who is slightly older than the rest of us!). I know that not only have I had the chance to lead but also in turn many year 11's and younger members of the club have taken more active leadership roles in things they have been passionate about. I would urge any student to join Interact - you really won't regret it!” Sam Padfield

    “Interact is one of the highlights of my week. It is exciting to think that we have a committed group of over thirty students of all ages, united by their desire to make a positive difference. The group has gone from strength to strength, and continues to raise both awareness of the needs of others and funding for some amazing local and international charities.” Mrs Doeller

    “Interact is a great way to meet new and old friends, it's a friendly community that has a variety of people, from yr7s to yr11s, interact has boosted my self-confidence and has helped me form relationships with people I otherwise would not have...also there are great biscuits!” Beth Padfield

    “Interact opens up a wide range of opportunities such as leadership and organisation. In my short time as an Interactor, I already have been involved in several events, which have boosted my confidence. I would recommend Interact to anyone as you can gain essential life skills” Caitlin Davies

    "I've been in interact from the very beginning and I think that being a founding member I have probably got the best view of the group’s phenomenal progression. Every year the group exceeds what they had accomplished and sets the boundary even higher for later fund raising events. It’s always been a lovely welcoming atmosphere just being in the group as it is really like one big loving family, no matter how many faces we lose and gain." Issie Durrant

    “Interact is a bright and big group, a bit like what I would call a family” Libby Gollop

  • Past Events

    Events that we have organised or attended

    June 2016 - Took part in the Rainbow Run in Exeter. This event is intended to raise money for Children's Hospice South West, which is Interact's chosen local charity for the year.

    December 2015 – THS Celebration of Christmas fund-raising for Syrian Refugee children led by Lydia Fitton (President)
    December 2015 – Whole school non-uniform Christmas Jumper day

    December 2015 – Planning organisation of serving mulled wine / soft drinks at Little Shop of Horrors

    November 2015 – Teachers’ Got Talent

    November 2015 – Presentation to our Rotary Club by

    Lydia (President), Caitlin and Leila (Vice Presidents)

    about the work of Interact over past year and plans for future

    November 2015 – Visit of Interactors to CHSW centre at Little Bridge House to see what they do.

    September 2015 – Presentation by Lydia and team to incoming Year 7 students about Interact’s role.

    July 2015 – Sold ice creams at the Lion King and tickets for the school-based Tiverton’s Got Talent Show

    June 2015 – Chose Children’s Hospice South-West as our local charity for the coming year and Tiverton Sundarban Support Group as our international charity

    June 2015 – Interact members assisted members of Tiverton Rotary Club at their summer Funday

    June 2015 – End of year presentation lunch involving Interactors and Tiverton Rotary Club members

    May 2015 – Arranged a concert to raise money for Nepal earthquake disaster.
    May 2015 – CHAT Tutor Challenge, where all tutor groups raised money for CHAT.  Winning tutor went to Mc Donalds.
    April 2015 - Arrival of 8 toilet twinning photos for display in toilets at school and around town

    March 2015 - Election of new president (Lydia Fitton) and joint vice-presidents (Caitlin Davies and Leila Bracken) March 2015 – Some assistance provided by Interact for our Rotary club quiz at Blundell’s school

    March 2015 – Presentation by Sam (president) and Lucy (vice-president) about work of Interact to a Governor’s meeting.

    March 2015 – Rotary quiz at Blundell’s school

    March 2015 – Interact played a lead role in hosting the Devon Rotary Youth Speaks Competition

    March 2015 – Governor’s meeting presentation

    February 2015 - I’m a Teacher Get Me out Of Here!

    December 2014- Mulled wine at the Christmas Concert for Ebola

    December 2014 - Mulled wine at Joseph for Tear Fund

    November 2014 – Doeller’s Doughnuts for Tearfund

    November 2014 - Interact presentation to Rotary Club of Tiverton and 2 schools are hoping to set up Interact clubs

    July 2014 – Non-uniform day raising funds for Tear Fund

     July 2014 - Interact presence at Tiverton Balloon Festival and a Rotary / Interact banner on Tiverton High School balloon

    July 2014 - Sleep-out for CHAT

    February 2014 - Tiverton’s Got Talent, raising funds for CHAT

    November 2013 - fund-raising and collection of tents / sleeping gear for CHAT

    October / November 2013 - Interact presentations to Rotary Club of Tiverton and District 1170 annual conference

    July 2013 - Interact stand at Mid Devon Show

    May 2013 - charter evening for Interact

    April 2013 - fund-raising for Mary's Meals: cake stall, 'shoe day', change for change



  • Our Link With The Rotary Club

    Our Link with the Rotary Club of Tiverton

    Each Interact Club has to be sponsored and supported by a local Rotary Club.

    It took several years of preparation and planning by the Rotary Club of Tiverton and THS senior staff to identify both Rotary club members and a THS member of staff willing to give time and support to Interact before the first Interact meeting took place in February 2013.

    The official Charter Event followed in May 2013 when THS Interact's first president, Ellis Hannon, was presented with our club's charter by the District Governor for the Devon area, Rotarian Graham Smith.

    A link Rotarian is encouraged to attend Interact meetings and to maintain the link between the senior club and the school club.

    Rotary International provides the framework for Interact Clubs to operate, support for individual clubs to thrive and lots of opportunities for them to share experiences both within their own country and across the world.

    The Rotary Club of Tiverton invites Interact leaders to give them a lunch time presentation every autumn about the work they have been doing and their plans for the coming year. It also hosts a celebration lunch with members towards the end of the summer term to mark the achievements of the whole club and, in particular, those Year 11 members who will be leaving the school.

    Our Link Rotarian – Ivan Godfrey

    As a former teacher at Tiverton High School and someone who has kept a close link with the school since retiring I was honoured and privileged to be invited to act as the main link person between THS Interact Club and the Rotary Club of Tiverton.

    Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see young people developing skills and interests that will serve them well throughout life. To do all of this within the context of the Rotary motto 'Service above Self' which encapsulates the charitable work of THS Interact is the icing on the cake.

    At the time of writing this (February 2015) it is but 2 years since the first Interact meeting. In that time I have seen young people rise to challenges of organisation and commitment that I would not have thought possible ... and to raise amounts of money for charitable causes that they would not have imagined.

    Every individual has something to offer. Interact provides the opportunity for those who wish to take their skills, whatever they may be, to advanced levels with every chance to excel. At the same time they have the satisfaction of supporting others in greater need than themselves.

    Long live THS Interact!!

  • Current Projects

    Children's Hospice South West

    Children's Hospice South West provides care for terminally ill children that are not expected to live beyond 18.

    They make families feel at home in their environment and go to extreme lengths to enrich the lives of people.

    Rather than focus on the short life which a child may have, the charity organise many activities for the family to participate in.

    Every year, they rely on £3 million to keep their services running.

    Tiverton Sundarban Support Group

    Tiverton Sundarban Support Group aids community development in Sundarban, a remote town in Northern Bangladesh.

    They provide an education for children, healthcare for pregnant women as well as teach skills for life.

    Without these essential rights, the community would struggle to earn a living and therefore donations are essential.

    Charity Totals

    Between June 2014 and June 2015 Interact raised a phenomenal £6630.54.

    This went to several charities including Tearfund, Churches Housing Action Team and Shelterbox (relief for Nepal).

    Without the donations that we received, this would not have been possible and therefore we would like to thank everyone for their generosity.

  • About Interact

    When did Interact first start?

    The Rotary Club of Tiverton approached Tiverton High School about setting up an Interact group early in 2012.

    It was viewed as a good idea and our first meeting was on February 6th 2013.

    The club later became official at its charter party on May 21st 2013. Since then, we have seen many members join and a lot of money has been raised!

    What we do

    Interact meet every Wednesday lunchtime in room 33 and occasionally on other days to discuss events, charities and new projects.

    At every meeting we walk away inspired by speakers or our ideas which have the ability to be developed.

    When these ideas become reality, we are proud of the change that we can make.


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