Welcome to the Religious and Philosophical Studies Department in Tiverton High School.

All the students in Tiverton High School study Religious and Philosophical Studies as part of their learning journey, which is in line with the current government regulations.  This helps them in developing a sense of enquiry and belonging and provides them with the tools to consider issues that affect the local community, the country and the world at large.

  • Learning Journey

    The journey begins with an exploration of the 6 main religious systems that appear in the Devon Agreed Syllabus; Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism, as well as non-religious worldviews such as Humanism. We look at how religious believers show their faith through various actions, celebrations and beliefs, and we investigate the origins of those beliefs and practices. Students have an opportunity to explore these faith systems through handling religious artefacts, engaging with representatives of the faith community, accessing religion through various multimedia sources, as well as through traditional classroom study. Students will be encouraged to work both independently and in small groups, developing their positive learning behaviours such as reflection, cooperation, resilience and independence.

    GCSE then refines the focus of study to Christianity, Islam and non-religious worldviews including Humanism and atheism. In light of the reformed 9-1 system we will start GCSE study in Year 9. This enables students to engage with heavy and extended content over a longer period of time, which also means we can vary our teaching to generate the very best results our students are capable of.

    The Eduqas 9-1 GCSE consists of three components. Our course begins with Component 2 – an in depth study of Christianity in Year 9. Year 10 covers Component 3 – an in depth study of Islam. Finally our Year 11 students grapple with Component 1 where they apply the knowledge and understanding they gained in Years 9 + 10 to explore their own and religious attitudes towards four main philosophical and ethical world issues, ranging from Relationships, to Good and Evil, to Life and Death and finally Human Rights.

    We aim to complete the course content by Easter of Year 11. After which we provide a comprehensive exam preparation schedule in order to support our students with optimizing their chance of success in the summer.

    Each member of staff is fully committed and engaged with their subject and have a genuine love of teaching. We enjoy seeing our students develop their perceptions and opinions and challenge each other whilst maintaining a safe and respectful environment in which to do so, where all faiths and worldviews are equally considered and valued.

  • Staff

    Anthony Nderitu

    Subject Leader


    Lorena Webber



    Shana Bartram-Owen



    Sarah Taylor



    Marion Pace



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