At THS we hold Languages in high regard – all students are encouraged to study at least one language to Key Stage 4, and many leave the school with excellent language qualifications. We currently offer French to our students, but hope to add German to this list for the new intake in 2018-19. 

  • Year 7 French

    All students in Year 7 study French for 2 hours each week.

    In line with the New Curriculum for Year 7, the course builds independent linguistic competency via a variety of communicative activities, supported by full grammatical explanations. The curriculum is delivered within the contexts of personal introductions, family, school and hobbies, as well as using authentic French materials to improve their cultural understanding.

    We incorporate some cross-curricular projects, as well as various ICT resources such as ‘Boardworks’ as well as encouraging use of Memrise & Linguascope to develop vocabulary learning.

  • Year 8 French

    Over the course of the week the students continue to study 2 hours of French.   

    Year 8 students continue with their Key Stage 3 French course, which builds on their progress from Year 7. Topics covered include; learning & questioning skills, phonics, family & relationships & leisure activities. 

  • Year 9 French

    Some students begin a three-year GCSE course in French, with accreditation at the end of Year 11. These students continue building on the skills and grammar they have used through Years 7 and 8, expand upon work previously covered. Emphasis is placed on communicative skills, enabling students to cope in practical situations on a visit to France or when in contact with a native French speaker. The course gives extensive practice in all three tenses needed to gain a grade C or above at GCSE.

    The topic areas covered in Year 9 are education, entertainment & the media, new technologies & the environment.

  • Year 10 & 11 French & German

    Students are assessed at the end of Yr11 in all four skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking). Each skill is worth 25% and there is no controlled assessment element.  The final grade is based upon 4 exams sat at the end of Year 11. 

    The topics covered in the GCSE are personal and social life (including health, family and relationships), the world of work (including work experience and future plans), the local community (including education and your town), and the wider world (including holidays). 

  • Foreign Language Trips

    We usually offer our Key Stage 3 students the opportunity to travel to France or Germany each year during activities week.  Exchanges are currently not available, but we hope to establish links with new partner schools soon.

  • Year 7, 8 and 9 Learning Journeys
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