The SEN department is divided into four areas of needs with each area having a lead teaching assistant in charge.  We are a dedicated, passionate and caring team who strongly believe in Every Child Matters and a Child Centred Approach to learning.  Every child regardless of whether they have additional needs are part of THS community in every way, we simply enhance their learning, self-belief and self-confidence.   

  • Speech, Language & Communication Needs (SLCN)

    In the SLCN department, we work in small groups with students on their specific targets that have been set by agencies such as the Speech and Language Service. We work on many areas including social skills, language skills, understanding autism and confidence building. We also have a gardening project, life skills programme and cookery award that link with the ASDAN award programme.

  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs

    Some of our children may have emotional needs and/or social problems that interfere with their own ability to learn effectively. In some instances, the difficulties they experience may cause disruption to the learning of other children or young people.  Social difficulties, in this context, occur when students have problems managing interactions with others in school effectively and appropriately.  They may have difficulty making the necessary adjustments to conform to the expectations of others in a variety of settings. There are many difficulties and conditions falling under SEMH, including Depression, Anxiety Disorders, and ADHD. 

  • Literacy Support - Cognition and Learning

    Literacy Support is offered to students who struggle with reading and/or writing, to build their confidence in the classroom environment.  We offer individualised support in the form of intervention with regard to reading, comprehension, spelling and memory work.  Computer based programmes such as ARROW are specifically helpful in aiding students with spellings needs, and we offer this programme to our students alongside phonics work through Sounds Write.  Each student is treated as an individual which ensures that their needs are met and they are able to access the curriculum with support in place be it visual aids, word banks and coloured paged exercise books.  The long term aim is to enable students and give them physical and emotional support to thrive in the classroom. 

  • Communication & Interaction Resource Base (CAIRB)

    The CAIRB unit is a specialist secondary educational provision based at Tiverton High School.  We are a part of Babcock LDP and one of three units based in Devon. The CAIRB offers a range of specific interventions to support individual students’ needs through their secondary school life, which are supported with a range of resources including a sensory room.  Students have access to interventions that help prepare them for post 16 through to their adult life. Through these interventions, students are exposed to situations they struggle to cope with but the intervention is delivered in manageable chunks and supported by specialist ASC staff they trust. The long term aim being to teach specific strategies for each individual.  

  • Interventions offered with the SEN team include:
    • Small group learning 
    • Outdoor Education one day a week reflecting on personal effectiveness 
    • Funfit for students with physical disabilities 
    • Just Right State programme 
    • Equine Care under the guidance of the CAIRB  
    • In house and offsite social skills development, leading to successful work experience placements as well as transition to college 
    • Travel training (in preparation for independent travelling) 
    • Living skills 
    • Entry Level Cooking courses   
    • Health and hygiene certificates 
    • Homework support for all levels and all students within SEN 
    • ASDAN bronze, silver and gold.  
    • Mentoring 
    • ARROW and SoundsWrite interventions 

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