Sunday, August 20, 2017


Congratulations to Kai Dameral, Matt Syers, Josh Goodwin, Ben Elliot, Emily Isaac, Heather Coles and Mollie Pilling who were successful last Wednesday in securing principal parts in our next major production: We Will Rock You!

The Performing Arts department were delighted to have so many very talented young students who put themselves forward to audition for lead roles in front of staff and other students. This was probably one of the most impressive set of auditions I’ve been lucky enough to witness and one of the most difficult to cast. Staff took several hours before managing to come to a consensus over who to cast the 6 principal parts to. Every student that took part did a terrific job and deserve praise for their professionalism, skills and courage. All those that auditioned will be given named parts and roles within the show.

Now the hard work begins! All students, actors, dancers, singers will be required every Friday and Wednesday after school from 3.30pm to 5.30pm with additional commitments for our principals on Thursdays.

We look forward to one of our most exciting productions to date.

Good luck to everyone involved.


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