Sunday, September 24, 2017

Musical Theatre

Little Shop of Horrors

The 7th annual THS musical hit the stage this week with Little Shop of Horrors an unlikely 60s sci-fi story about a man-eating plant. This was a real departure from the safe traditional “song and dance” musicals we have put on in previous years and a real opportunity for our young performers to stretch their acting abilities.

In this respect they have been superbly led and directed by our new Assistant Head, Tom Williams who has ensured that the cast have really raised their game. There are no happy endings in this show but none the less it is packed full of humour and memorable songs all wrapped up in the most unlikely of stories. As one member of the audience said this week:

”It’s absolutely nuts…. But I loved it!”

Of course this was an amazing showcase for our Performing Arts Department led by Ian Wright with support from Nicola Lane (Dance) and also our Visual Arts Department. Rae Owen, who is now in overall charge of Art and Design, led her team in the design of not only the most stunning stage set but also, with the support of Lisa Pow and her colleagues, the botanical monster Audrey 2 was created in all its ever-increasing sizes. So many staff have been involved in the production of this show it is impossible to name them all here. We do however appreciate the time that they have freely given to give our young people this experience. Thank you everyone!

I’m sure that students, parents and staff will never forget their visit to “The Little Shop of Horrors”

Jon Sowden



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