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General Studies

This course encourages students to think, reason, analyse and develop their own thoughts and options about the world around them. It encompasses the breadth of the curriculum drawing upon information learnt in all subject areas and placing it together to inform others about current issues.

Students develop the ability to use source material and current media to formulate their own opinions and discuss the opinions of others. The topics cover a broad range and issues are current and influential. The course allows students to develop skills they use in other subjects to an advantageous effect.

Students are taught in tutor groups and will circulate around different members of staff for each topic. Most tutors in the school teach general studies.

The topics are the same for both KS3 and KS4 and all topics will be taught in a vertical setting.

Lessons will be differentiated by both objective and outcome where appropriate. This will allow students in KS3 to develop their skills or discussion, evaluation and analysis over time. Students in KS3 will answer slightly different questions in some assessments once again building their skills up towards answering 18 mark extended writing answers at GCSE.

Students will be assessed 6 times a year after each topic they have covered. The assessments will always contain multiple choice questions. They will experience source based questions which will ensure that students are able to use sources and answer short answer questions using this information. They will also have longer extended writing questions in other assessments. Both of these are in the GCSE exam.

Also included in General Studies is PSHE. Personal Social Health Education is taught in houses and in year groups.


Year 7 – Friendship, bullying and settling in

Year 8 – Smoking, alcohol and drugs education

Year 9 – Sex and Relationships education.

The topics are the same for both KS3 and KS4 and al topics will be taught in a vertical setting.

Lessons will be differentiated so that KS4 have specifically targeted teaching towards the exam. This will include analysis of source material, development of extended writing and structure of exam answers.

In addition to the tutor group lessons Year 11 students will attend a series of seminars in the hall delivered by staff that will focus on the skills required to answer the exam paper effectively. These seminars will include topics such as persuasive writing, answering multiple choice questions and the structure of the exam.

Also included in General Studies is a case study, this case study is pre release material which is available to the school in March. All Year 11 students will be provided with a copy of this case study and will have guidance on how to research around it, use it in the exam and the key elements of the case study. This will also be places online for students to access at home.

Personal Social Health Education is also taught in KS4

Year 10 – Mental Health for Teens

Year 11 – Moving on, careers and responsibilities.


All Year Groups

• Environmental issues and sustainable development

• Crime

• Health Education

• Community and volunteering

• Media and advertising

• Sport and leisure


Topics for study in future years

• Political systems

• Globalisation

• Social Diversity

• The Arts

• Life and Career

• Technological Developments

• International Organisations

• Religion and mortality

• Individual responsibility

• Charity and support

• Rights and responsibilities

• Literature and language

• Human rights

• Finance

• Politics: The UK and abroad

• Stereotypes

• Education

• World trade and Commerce

• Democracy

• Safety

• Healthy living

• Conflict

• The ancient and modern world

• Law


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