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‘One language sets you on a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way' - Frank Smith.

We truly believe that knowing more than one language opens doors and offers a wealth of opportunities in life, both professionally and personally. Tiverton’s young people deserve to experience the World and through our new and exciting Schemes of Learning we aim to foster a hunger for exploring culture and language. Knowing a language is becoming increasingly important in today’s multicultural society and we equip our students with the skills they need to communicate in the 21st Century. We want our students to leave Tiverton High School as language learners for life and so at THS students don’t just learn languages, they learn how to learn languages. Our motto is “Language Learning for All” – we personalise learning for our students, whatever their needs, through the use of the four skill areas; listening, speaking, reading and writing, to ensure that each student has the confidence to embrace and tackle the challenges of learning a foreign language.


Gemma Dobson Subject Leader  
Lucy Iles Second in department  
Max Mullen Teacher of MFL  
Sally McClelland Teacher of MFL  
Rebecca John Teacher of MFL  
Ali Wilson Teacher of MFL  
Max Elswood Curriculum TA  
Andrea Duncan Curriculum TA  
Boris Dubec Foreign Language Assistant  
Kevin Hupertz Foreign Language Assistant  


In year seven our students have ‘taster’ half terms – one in French and one in German. They are then given the opportunity to choose which language they would like to continue with. Teaching and Learning in our department is innovative and engaging, with plenty of opportunities for using New Technologies and accessing genuine sources of language. At KS3 our aim is to encourage an enjoyment for language learning and help our students to acquire the skills they will need to take language learning further at KS4 and beyond.

Taking a GCSE in a language is optional, however in the last few years we have seen a marked increase in the number of students choosing to study languages beyond KS3. Usually students continue with the language that they studied until year nine and we also offer the option of taking Spanish as an intensive course from beginners level to GCSE for our most able linguists. Our exam board is currently AQA for all three languages and the qualification is assessed across all four of the language skills. Our curriculum at KS4 is rich and varied, with topics to interest all students, ranging from ‘Family and Relationships’ to ‘The Environment’. Students are encouraged to develop their independent learning skills so that they can become more active in their language learning.


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

• Design a zoo - French

• Design a sports Park – German 

• Language skills

• My Family

• My Hobbies

• Looking forward to the holidays

• My home

• My region

• Food and drink

• Healthy living


• The holidays

• School life

• The world of work

• Media

• The environment


• Holidays

o Describing locations, countries and transport

o Talking about a holiday in the perfect tense

• Free time and the media

o Leisure activities

o Shopping

o Arranging a date and giving excuses

o Pros and cons of modern technology

• Healthy lifestyle

o Food and drink

o Exercise

o Smoking, alcohol and drugs

o Giving advice

• Relationships and Choices

o Family

o Whether you get on with people

o Relationship issues

o Marriage

o Having children

• Home and local area

o House

o Neighbours, and getting on

o Pros and cons of living in different areas

o World issues (Poverty etc.)


• Environment

o Environmental issues

o Endangered animals

o Helping the environment

• School and future plans

o School day – routines

o School uniform – pros and cons

o School problems

o Dream school

o Going to college vs working after school

• Current and future jobs

o Pros and cons of different jobs

o Dream job

o Writing a CV

o Writing a covering letter

o Work experience


Across the two Key Stages there is a wide selection of activities to get involved in. Each year we run two Language Enterprise days, a trip to Exeter City FC, MFL enrichment days, a successful Languages Challenge Week, European Day of Languages, our FLAs run German and French culture clubs and there are lots of groups to support language learning outside of lesson time. Our residential visits include trips to Paris, Normandy, The Black Forest, The Rhineland, Barcelona and Belgium. We have partner schools in France, Germany and the Czech Republic and we look forward to establishing a link with a school in Spain.

Please see our Flickr site for photos of some of our events.

In addition to our big range of activities on offer, in the near future we hope to launch a European Cinema club, trips to the German and French institutes in London and French evening classes for parents.

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