Sunday, September 24, 2017

Outdoor Ed

The Outdoor Education programmes at Tiverton High School give students the opportunities to experience success in areas outside of the traditional curriculum. It allows them to test themselves personally against both the environment and the demands of an activity – rather than their peers – and develop new aptitudes and dispositions. It requires them to make informed choices and understand and take responsibility for the consequences.

Outdoor and Adventurous activities frequently require students to work collaboratively – not only for their own personal success, but also for their own comfort and safety. Putting students in situations which necessitate them working with, and relying upon others requires them to develop social awareness, skills and appreciation of others.

Finally, through the Outdoor Education programme students are able to develop high quality relationships with teaching staff and their peers through shared meaningful experiences outside of normal classroom constraints. For some students this may be one of a very few opportunities where they are able to develop such positive relationships.


Leo Biles Outdoor Education Practitioner  


Outdoor education helps young people to:

- acquire skills which promote well-being and healthy lifestyles into adulthood

- develop knowledge and understanding about risks to promote their own and others safety

- enjoy and achieve as a result of opportunities to develop as successful and confident learners

- gain a heightened awareness of the local and global environment and our role within it

- gain and apply key skills including leadership, team working and decision making, so that they are better able to achieve economic wellbeing. 

All staff work to guidance stated in “Outdoor Education, Visits and Off-Site Activities Health and Safety Policy” March 2012, and supplementary information as published on Devon LDP web site.


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