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3D Model of a war dugout complete with bunks.


My favourite place to be: A poem by Year 6 Open Evening visitors.

My absolute favourite place to be
Is curled on the sofa with a cup of tea.
Or spending time with my friends
Hoping the laughter never ends.
Or sunbathing on a golden beach
Enjoying a juicy ripe peach.
Or flying in a rocket to outer space
Competing with aliens in a race.
Or bathing in the sunshine out in Spain
To get there, I’ll board a plane.
Or heading to Hawaii in the sun
To surf in the ocean and have lots of fun.
Or jumping on a trampoline up and down,
It makes me smile and never frown.
Or somewhere sunny and warm, busy and hot
Ibiza has got the lot!
Or Egypt: sand dunes as deep as a pool
Luscious palm trees towering and tall.
Or relaxing on the sunny beach
Waiting for my ice cream to eat.
Or building sand castles at the seaside
Bouncing and bumping on a donkey ride.
Or the rides spin wildly whilst the music bangs
Butlins’ scariest ride is the ghost train with its fangs.
Or running around a giant place
Adding speed to all my pace.
Or climbing up a huge tall tree
I am as happy as I could be.
Or in Disneyland, Florida – all the rides are cool,
The dolphins also splash around in the pool.
Or sitting beneath the glistening sun
Having ever so much fun.
Or eating food in New York,
A nice bottle of wine – pop the cork.


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