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Instrument Lessons

At Tiverton High school we take our Music seriously as you can see from our busy and varied schedule and we are proud of the success this brings. We are always keen to nurture existing players and help create new ones, and to this end we offer continuing instrument lessons at school to cover all instruments;


brass woodwind string percussion drum kit electric bass electric guitar rhythm and classical guitar piano keyboard singing


If you would like your child to begin, or to continue to receive weekly 30 minute instrumental or vocal lessons at school during term time could you please use the Online Application Form found as a menu item on the left, under Instrument Lessons; please note that for security reasons you must be a registered user and logged-in to this site to access the form. Alternatively you may collect a paper based form from Reception or the Music Department at school. The completed form then needs to be returned to the school accounts office with the appropriate payment. In an attempt to ensure the students do not miss the same mainstream lesson each week, rolling timetables will be devised and posted on this website and in the Music Dept. each new term.

It will be assumed that the student will bring the appropriate instrument to their lessons (excluding drum kit, piano and keyboard). If you wish to borrow an instrument for the lessons we may be able to help, please contact Mr Wright. Alternatively Devon Music service offer a huge range of instruments for hire, the details can be found here or by ringing Devon Music services on 01392 385602 for information. Applications can also me completed over the phone using the number 0845 155 1019.


The Tuition costs are

Individual 30 minute lesson £120 for 10 weeks.

Paired 30 minute lessons at £60 for 10 weeks.

£40 for 10 Weekly 30-Minute Group Lessons. (If Groups are available)


Please note that students are responsible for checking the time of their lesson every week as some lessons have to be rearranged, I'm afraid missed lesson can't be repeated or reimbursed.

The deadline for securing a place for the summer term is the 22nd March 2013. If you have any questions or would like further information please contact me via the Contact Uspage

Free teacher-led Ensembles are run weekly, including Singing Club, Gospel Choir, Samba, Rock Clinic, String club, Orchestra and Jazz band. To help improve the quality of the lessons the time has been increased to 30 minutes with aural and theory relevant to the level and instrument being delivered as part of the lesson. Group lessons (£40) or Paired lessons (£60) may be requested and allocated if a partner is available at the same or similar level as your child. Group lessons (particularly ideal for beginners) will require a minimum of 4 students to run.

I hope you find this information useful and we look forward to seeing you in the Music department soon!

Ian Wright

Head of Music

•    Students should practise regularly and show evidence of this at their lessons.

•    Students should seek to achieve the necessary key stages set by their instrumental teacher.

•    It is the responsibility of each student to check the time of his or her lesson each week from the Music corridor noticeboard, and to attend regularly and punctually. Regrettably, there is no refund for lessons missed.*

•    If your child knows in advance that they will have to miss a lesson due to another school activity or an out of school appointment they should try to change places with another student and/or tell their instrument teacher.

•    Students are expected to contribute to the musical life of the school by playing in one of the teacher led ensembles that are made available to them at lunch times and after school.  This is to their own advantage and to that of the school. We reserve the right to withdraw instrumental tuition if students do not regularly participate.

•    Students who wish to discontinue lessons must let Mr Wright know immediately, so as to offer the place to a student on the waiting list.  Reimbursement will only be considered if a replacement is found in time.
Failure to comply with any of the above could result in lessons being withdrawn at our discretion.  A warning would first be given well in advance.

Your part:

1.    You are required to provide an original CRB Police check no more than 3 months old.

2.    Let the Head of Music know in good time if you cannot come in for your lessons.

3.    Keep to your lesson times, even if a student is late and has to forfeit some of his/her lesson time. 

4.    Fill in an absence slip and put it into the timetable Head of Music’s pigeonhole when a student has not attended a lesson.

5.    Complete attendance register and claim form (monthly) and return them to Pam Rodger in Accounts Office.

6.    Attend one Parents’ Evening for existing and new Yr. 6/7 pupils.  Calendar fixture for Summer Term.

7.    Complete one Progress Report for Parents per child per term. Completed electronically and submitted via the High School website music area.

8.    Complete the Internal Progress Report book in Staff room each term for each student re Progress, Attitudes, Absences and Grades.

9.    Wear ID badge.

10.    Give term’s notice of leaving.

11.    Deliver theory and aural relevant to the instrument and level being taught.

12.    Notify the Head of Music of students entered for graded exams. Emailing results to Head of Music immediately they are made known. These will then be placed on the school website. 

13.    Provide school with current e-mail address. 

14.    Respond to any parent enquiries made via the school blog within a reasonable period of time and notify the Head of Music of any concerns regarding tuition.

15.    Encourage your student to attend at least one school based ensemble per week to support their instrumental and general musicianship development.

Our part:

1.    Your details will be advertised via our website and school community.

2.    We will provide contracts with parents, teaching rooms, timetables, staff room facilities, report templates, liaison with students.

3.    We provide established ensembles operating on a weekly basis for students to attend on top of their paid instrument lessons.

4.    If a student pulls out any time during the term you will still receive payment for their lessons.

5.    If you are failing to comply with one or more areas of this agreement, one warning will be given, then, if necessary, a half-term’s notice.

6.    We are always available to talk and support – often not during the school day. Therefore the most effective lines of communication are 

Signed and dated
Peripatetic Music Teacher……………………………………………………………….

Head of Music………………………………………………………………………………

Devon Music service are now offering a superb Musical Instrument Hire Service

Some instruments can be hired from as little as £20 a year (all be it the more obscure ones). This is basically an ideal way for parents to give their children the experience of having an instrument to make sure the child really enjoys playing before spending a large amount of money on an instrument of their own. This service is open to anyone at THS.

Please use this link is for direct applications online.

More info can be found online at or by phoning the Devon Music service on 01392 385602. Applications can also me completed over the phone using the number 0845 155 1019.

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