Wednesday, August 23, 2017


The Department for Education has said that 'quality music education helps improve concentration, behaviour, numeracy and language'.   Our extended Mission statement for the Music Department  

Music is a major creative and re-creative art which transcends national and ethnic boundaries. It is an important means of emotional and aesthetic expression; a source of pleasure and a means of expression for young people and a widespread recreational activity in adult life.

As an art form it engenders concentration, teamwork, individual confidence and self-discipline; it is intellectually satisfying and stimulating study and therefore necessary for the complete education of the individual.

Throughout all music courses at Tiverton High School we endeavour to recognise and cater for:


a wide spectrum of musical abilities and needs a range of musical experience and differing interests pupils with differing musical aspirations (including those who intend to follow a musical career) expression through a variety of musical styles


Music functions as a performing art and therefore needs to be taught in the classroom as a practical subject. The involvement of students in group learning activities where an awareness of the views of others is paramount to the successful conclusion of a task enables students to develop skills for life beyond their school careers. in addition, exposure to a wide range of music from different styles and cultures helps to break down barriers that hinder learning and the acquisition of knowledge.

 Music does not exist in isolation from the community and culture that it serves.

Music is important and providing our young people with the opportunity to develop instrumental or vocal musical skills can be a life changing life long rewarding experience.


Mr I Wright

Subject Leader


Introducing Gigajam

A really exciting new development in our department is the addition of the Gigajam Virtual Learning Environment. All the pupils at THS can now have access to a fantastic resource which allows them at their own pace to learn how to play a musical instrument, be it during music lessons, when using the school's excellent new library and learning centre or when at home.

Gigajam's award winning curriculum and software provides the opportunity for all our students to learn to play a musical instrument.

We have contributed a case study to the Gigajam website which can be viewed here 



Ian Wright Subject Leader  
Joel Cordon Assistant Subject Leader  
Sarah Taylor Teacher  
Neil Pitfield Technician  
Mrs A Billington Piano  
Alan Bond Piano  
Mrs R Harry Guitar/Bass  
Mr Chris Harris Guitar/Bass  
Mr S Toms Guitar  
Mr M Heyward Percussions  
Mr J Fitton Brass  
Mrs A Padfield Flute  
Mrs K Baker Vocal teacher  



Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 and 11

- What makes a good song?

- Latin beat

- The Folk tradition

- Rhythms of the Nile

- Medieval music

- Impressionism

- Reggae

- Making Connections

- Going Solo

- Jazz improvisation

- Night music

- Film music

- Chords into Jazz

- From Transylvania to the Balkans

- Improvisation and organisation

- Polyrhythm into minimalism

- Music for special occasions

- Making arrangements

- Rhythm and Metre

- Harmony and tonality

- Texture and melody

- Timbre and dynamics

- Structure and form

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