Sunday, August 20, 2017

At Tiverton High School, we want equip all of our students with the writing skills that will enable them to become confident writers.

To help us develop resilience in our students as writers, Phil Beadle will be coming to work with THS staff, our TCLP primary partners and school leaders from across the Devon 

“Phil Beadle is a sometimes well thought of British educator who has authored ten books on teaching and learning. He is the editor of the How to Teach series, and has written for the Times, the Guardian, The Independent on Sunday and the Telegraph. His series of columns for Education Guardian ran for nine years. He is a former UK teacher of the year, with 20 years experience of achieving transformational results with students from challenging areas, is a serving teacher on a council estate in the midlands. He is the educational speaker that other educational speakers do not bunk. And he’s been on telly a bit, but so has Ainsley Harriot.”

To read more about Phil and his work please click on this web link:

We look forward to working alongside such a renowned practitioner in the world  of education.

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