Year 11 will be returning from the Christmas break to go straight into their first mock exam on Tuesday morning (3 January). The mocks conclude on Monday 9 January. Students will be taking a written or onscreen mock in all subjects that have that type of assessment in the summer. For GCSEs which have a practical assessment, such as Art, students will already have had a practical mock during lesson time.

GCSE exams are often 1 ½ to 2 hours long; so the mock exams will run for the same length of time. This is to help students build up their “exam stamina”. School uniform rules must be adhered to throughout the mocks and hoodies will not be permitted. If students are likely to get cold when sitting still for up to 2 hours then a plain white t-shirt may be worn under their school shirt and a school cardigan/sweater maybe worn under their jacket.

Whilst we wouldn’t want any student to spend their entire Christmas break revising(!) we would expect them to have drawn up a revision timetable and be using their time wisely. Doing revision now will be an important kick-start to their preparation for the “real thing” in May and June.

Mock results will be given to students in our traditional Mock Results Day assembly on Friday 3 February. They will also be given their summer exam entry information, together with their personal outline GCSE exam timetable at this assembly. It is essential that both students and parents check the exam entry information carefully to ensure that everyone is happy; particularly with the tier of entry (where applicable).


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