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Aspire & Achieve


Aspire and Achieve

Your pathway to a successful future



The Aspire & Achieve programme combines three different elements of the curriculum;
•    Enterprise Learning (EL)
•    Work Related Learning (WRL)
•    Information Advice and Guidance (IAG)

Although each element has its own unique values, all three are concerned with preparing students with the skills, knowledge, understanding and experience to manage the transition between full time education and full time employment.

The aim of ‘Aspire and Achieve’ is to draw these three elements together. The intrinsic values of each area will be made explicit to students, staff and parents in a programme  which is clear and coherent.

The objectives of ‘Aspire and Achieve’ are;
•    To meet the statutory & non- statutory requirements of WRL, EL ad IAG.
•    To provide students, staff and parents with an understanding of how the three elements of the programme are interrelated.
•    To provide opportunities which develop the intrinsic values of each element of the programme in all students.
•    To provide a framework for the explicit teaching of these values.

‘Aspire and Achieve’ gives students the opportunities and skills to be creative, and innovative, to take risks and manage them, and to do so with drive and determination. It will enable them to make successful career choices and provide them with the skills, knowledge and experience to manage the transition from learning to work.

The skills that students will gain through  ‘Aspire and Achieve’  can be identified in the Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLATS)  of the National Curriculum; Creative Thinking, Self Management, Effective participation, Independent enquiry, reflection and Team work.
To ensure that students are not presented with a different framework of skills with a different set of vocabulary, it has been decided to use the PLATS as a framework for skill development in Aspire and Achieve. Therefore – for each event in the Aspirations Programme, the specific skills to be developed will be selected from the PLATS. It is felt this will re-enforce the PLATS  to the students.

Enterprise Learning

Enterprise Learning


Enterprise is fundamental to the continued economic success of this country

At THS we take enterprise very seriously, every student is entitled to 5 days worth of enterprise activities. With our main business partners, Heathcoat fabrics, Ashfords Solicitors and EDF Energy we have developed a range of activities to stimulate and encourage enterprise capabilities within our students.

For this year we have the following activities planned; some of these are new for this year and some of them are projects we have successfully run before.


  • Preparation for work day. This day is open to all Year 11 students and goes through the process of how to find the right job and then how to get it. With support from our business partners, Heathcoats, EDF-energy and Ashfords and from local colleges Petroc and Exeter college the day comprises a series of workshops that de-mystifies the process of getting a job. From making a telephone enquiry to successful interview techniques, this day covers it all.
  • The English Apprentice. Run over a period of weeks this project focuses on the key skills of marketing and presentation and contributes to the speaking and listening component of the English GCSE. Run by our English department with support from our business partners this project culminates with a student presentation to the rest of the year group.
  • Investigating a Crime scene. New for this year this project is a collaboration between our science department and Petroc. Concentrating on the science behind forensic investigation and contributing towards the Level 2 BTEC Applied Science qualification as well as the Level 3 course offered at Petroc. All BTEC students at Tiverton High School have a two hour taster session at Petroc, learning techniques such as blood typing, titration and chromatography.
  • Another new project for this year will see the maths department involved in an energy based project working in partnership with EDF energy.
  • Fair trade. Following the success of a small scale project last year we will be extending this project so the majority of students get to be involved with “fair trade fortnight”, looking at some of the moral implications of business and enterprise.
  • Make your mark challenge. This is a national competition and will be open to about 40 year 10 students. THS has had considerable success in the past and we will be looking to make good progress this year as well.

Work Experience

Work Experience


The aim of Work Experience is to provide students with an insight into the world of work and to allow them to sample a chosen type of occupation. Work Experience is a valuable part of general education and students will be expected to keep and accurate diary of their placement. Students will attend the work place instead of school during that week but no payment will be made by the employer. It is hoped that employers will provide an assessment report at the end of the placement.



Work Experience Diary

Welcome to Work Experience

During your work experience you will have the chance to:-

  • Develop new skills
  • Improve your confidence
  • Become more independent
  • Work closely with others, particularly adults
  • Do something different
  • Work safely
  • Learn about the world of work
  • Gain a sense of achievement
  • Find out what you are good at
  • Find out what is not so good

Your completed diary will help you when you:

  • Update your CV at a later date
  • Enter information onto your Individual Learning Plan
  • Need to provide evidence towards your coursework

You may also collect evidence of the work that you have carried out but it is very important to check first with your supervisor that it is OK to do this ( as it could be confidential information). Some examples of evidence can be:

  • Your completed work experience diary
  • Photos of yourself working
  • Letters, memos, notes you have made
  • Paperwork from any training received
  • Emails, post-it notes
  • Work sheets


Careers South West


We support all 13-19 year olds by giving honest and personalised information, guidance and practical help from now and for the future. We can also help young people up to the age of 25 who have special needs.

Your PA can:

  • give you up-to-date information about careers, jobs, education courses, volunteering and training opportunities
  • check out that you understand all your options and support you to plan your own future
  • give you confidential support and practical help about any issue that is facing you
  • give you information about schemes that may provide financial support if you are in learning
  • help you talk to other people who can help you

To get in touch with your PA, please use the information below, or to find your nearest Careers South West centre go online to or give us a call on 01566 777672 .





Wherever you want to go in life, Petroc can help you get there.
We’re here to bring out the best in people. That means giving you the opportunity to achieve anything and everything you set your mind to.
Wherever you are on the learning ladder, the only way is up. And we have a course for you.

Academic and vocational courses with caring, considered environments in which to study and a world of opportunities to experience life beyond the classroom. Training while working, getting ready for university, developing your skills or finding a different perspective on life.

Whatever your hopes and ambitions they’re fine with us. We’re all about giving you the time, space and resources to see things clearer, and helping identify what you want to do and why. Every one of our staff is here help you be the best you can be, at whatever you choose to do.

What are you looking for? That’s down to you.


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