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Please check out the information in our Rules and Regulations page as well which covers information about procedures, emergencies in an exam room, uniform and other useful topics.

When Do Exams Happen?

GCSE exams may have a mix of written exam(s) and controlled assessments (also known as non-examination assessments).

  1. Written Exams
    • Currently there is only one GCSE exam series which takes place in May and June. Exams cannot be rescheduled.
    • There is currently a re-sit opportunity for English and Maths GCSEs ONLY in the November after students have left school. Please contact the Exams office for more information and costs if this is a route you feel you would like to consider if your results were not as good as you had hoped.
    • There are mock exams in January for Year 11. We also have a Mock Results Day to give students a flavour of the real thing.
  2. GCSE Controlled Assessments (Non-Examination Assessments or NEAs)
    • These can take place at any time during your course depending on the exam board/subject/number of controlled assessments involved etc. Ask your class teacher for more details about timings of these essential assessments because they are integral to your success in your chosen subject.

Information Sent Home Before Exams

  1. Statements of Entry
    • These are sent out in January
    • You will be asked to sign and return a copy of it to confirm that your final exam entries are correct.
  2. Skeleton timetable
    • ONLY supplied before the summer exams
    • a tool to help you plan your revision
    • these tell you what day your exam is on. The times shown are intended as an indication of morning or afternoon only!
    • the times shown may alter so don’t write them on your calendar yet! Wait for your individual timetable.
  3. Individual Timetable
    • This is your personalised timetable showing you the dates and finalised times of your exams
    • It also shows you the room you will be in and the desk number that you will be sitting at.

This information is sent home via students as a hard copy and also emailed to parents electronically (where we have a valid email address). We also use two new Apps to improve communication between school and home. They are:

Schoolcomms (School Gateway) 

Show My Homework (SMHW)

Schoolcomms SMHW

Whole school timetable

This shows you all the exams the school is holding during May and June. It also gives you an indication of which rooms will be used for each exam plus some reminders about important information.

You will see it displayed around the school.

REMEMBER – always aim to arrive at least 10/15 minutes before your exam. This will give you time if your journey is delayed and will also give you time to check the Exams Notice Board for any last minute changes to exam rooms etc.

Seating Plans/Lists

These will be on display on the Exams Notice Board and outside every exam room. 

 Exam Clashes

Once you are given your skeleton timetable you may notice that two or more exams are scheduled to take place on the same day and at the same time. Unfortunately this does occur occasionally (generally during the summer series) because not all our exams are with the same examining board and it is NOT the school that organises the timings of exams. Arrangements will be made to stagger any clash exams but here are some points to remember:

  • Clash students have to remain under supervision between ALL of their clashed exams papers and cannot communicate with other students outside of the “clash group”
  • You will not be allowed access to your phone during the break between the exams
  • You will be expected to bring your own refreshments to consume during the break between exams
  • There will be access to toilets during the supervised break
  • The staggered times of any clash exams will become apparent once you are given your Individual Candidate Timetable.

Key Stage 4 ID Cards  (also known as Morrison’s cards)

These must be brought with you to ALL of your exams and placed on the top right hand corner of your desk clearly visible to the invigilating staff. Additional information can be found here. 

Your Legal Name and Candidate ID Number

You are entered for your exams using your legal name. This is because your exam certificates are legal documents and can only be issued in the name which is legally yours at the time you sit your exams. Potential employers or Colleges may ask to see, not only your exam certificates, but also your birth certificate or passport to prove that the qualifications are yours and not anyone else’s. You can only have your preferred surname on your exams records if you have changed your name by Deed Poll and you supply a certified copy of that Deed to the school before your exam entries are made.

ALWAYS put your legal name on your exam answer booklets/papers. The candidate ID number identifies you to the exam board. It is unique to you within the school. Ensure it is recorded on ALL answer booklets/scripts/controlled assessments. Make sure you record and use it accurately.

Colour blindness and overlays

If you are colour blind and there are coloured resource materials in an exam paper then you are permitted to ask an Invigilator to name colours for you.

Remember to bring your overlays to all your exams. If you forget to bring an overlay then one can normally be supplied but as the specific shades of overlay can be important it is preferable to use your own.



If you have any queries or questions then please contact the THS Exams Office staff:

Liz Ford, Exams Manager

Cathy Britton, Exams Assistant

Extension 263 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alternatively use the contact form here. 

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