Sunday, September 24, 2017

Moving into the final weeks before exam season, Year 11 have been issued the Exam Preparation Timetable where weekly 30 minute sessions will be run by teachers on:

  • Re visiting skills and knowledge
  • Exam technique
  • Exam approaches

Students can access a snack and a drink when they register in the library for each session, and they are awarded class charts points for independence.

However this does not replace students preparing for exam over the half term, holidays and each evening at home.

To enable all parents and carers to best support their child, we are running a Parents’ Evening Exam Support Seminar on the 28th February and the 3rd March 6pm at THS in the hall – all parents are careers are invited to attend one of the seminars where they will learn: 

  • Revision techniques to support their child
  • What resources on line their child can access
  • Strategies to manage exam stress
  • How best to help their child

Please speak to your child’s tutor or HOH to find out more information regarding Year 11 in the build up to their final exams.

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