I'm a Teacher Get Me Out Of Here!

Tiverton high school challenges teachers with creepy crawlies

On Wednesday the 25th of February, Tiverton High School (Devon) hosted ‘I’m a teacher…get me out of here!’. The school’s charity program (Interact) set the event up.



They managed to raise £250.00 for the charity Tearfund. They did this by splitting the teachers into two teams and giving them challenges like finding sweets in bowls of goo and holding snakes, spiders, and bugs. It was only possible to have the animals because of Exmoore Zoo. Who wouldn’t want to watch their teachers scream and humiliate themselves?

Even the leader of the Interact club, Georgina Doeller, joined in the event. She told the press, “The pupils wanted to do something that would involve as many students as possible and they’ve done all the leg work to make this happen today.’’ After the challenge she said “It was really scary to take part in and not very pleasant. I didn’t realize I was such as wimp.”

Sam and Luke – both students – were ambassadors and organisers for the event. One of our reporters interviewed Luke just after the event:

Q. Who was your favourite teacher?

A. “Mrs Doeller.”

Q. Why did you choose this charity

A. “Because it’s a school charity and I support it.

Q. How much did you raise?

A. “I’m a teacher get me out of here raised £320 and we presented another cheque for £500.”

Q. Did you enjoy it?

A. “I didn’t really enjoy the planning but I did enjoy the whole event.”

Q. Which teachers had the best attitude?
A. “The best attitudes belonged to Mr Saunders, Miss Pale, Mr Foot, and Miss Iles.”

Thanks go to student Charlotte for all photographs. 

Reported by Alistair and Bailey








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