Communication and Interaction Resource Base

SEND Home Learning 2019 – 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown

Hello Everyone.

We know that during this difficult time of lots of changes and uncertainty, anxiety within ourselves can be very high; we may start to feel a mixture of emotions and at times become overwhelmed but that is OK. However it is very important to remember to talk to your parents or carers and/ or email your teachers to talk about how you are feeling.

Please know that the CAIRB team and all the staff at THS are thinking of you and are missing you a great deal.

Be kind to yourselves, stay safe and most importantly take care,

Mrs T Mayes and Mrs L Adlem

Prior to COVID 19, we were welcoming visitors to the CAIRB, due to current government guidelines our support centre is currently closed, and all students are being supported by the CAIRB and Send staff within the main school. However, please feel free to contact our SEND ADMIN Chelsea Dyer on where and we would be able to facilitate an online platform where you would be able to meet ourselves and have an informal chat.

A review was conducted by Babcock in February 2020, the report reflected very positively on the provision at Tiverton High School for further information and extracts from the report please look at our Aims in ‘What’s it all about?”