CAIRBs main aims

The CAIRB is a provision within the mainstream setting of Tiverton High School. The CAIRB is for students who have complex communication and interactions needs who can access and make progress in a mainstream school, following a mainstream curriculum.

Main aim

We pride ourselves on being an autism-friendly school and this is recognised throughout from the CAIRB to whole of the mainstream. All pupils within the CAIRB have an Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP).

We are passionate about working cohesively within the support centre and across the mainstream setting ensuring that the educational experiences of students with Autism and communication & interaction needs are as positive as possible. We want to enable students to reach their academic potential and prepare them for life beyond our school.

We identify that students have the right to feel encompassed in their school community and want to empower them to have the confidence to face their challenges, maintain high aspirations and develop into independent adults.

If you feel that the CAIRB provision at Tiverton high School is a provision that you would like to explore for your child please talk to your current SENDCo and School, so that they are able to support you in liaising with Devon County Council around the necessary steps needed. We are able to offer 8 places to students from across the year groups.

Monitoring visit February 2020.

We have an annual monitoring visit from Babcock LDP every year. During this visit, we explore the provision offered by the CAIRB, its relationship with the mainstream, our strengths and how to develop our practice.

Here are some extracts from our last visit:

“The overall provision in the CAIRB is good and meets the needs of the learners.”

“Student experience and feedback on their education is strong”

“The SENDCo and CAIRB Lead have a strong strategic working partnership”

“The SENDCo and CAIRB Lead continue to model effective ways of working. The CAIRB is well integrated into school and the opportunities for developing staff understanding of whole school SEND are well set to move forward”.

Staff within the CAIRB

We are entwined with the SEND Department at Tiverton High School (THS) and work closely with the SENDCo Mrs Mayes to ensure a comprehensive and fit for purpose service supporting all students within both the CAIRB and the mainstream setting.

The CAIRB consists of a teacher, an area lead teaching assistant and further teaching assistants. We have a high ratio of staffing within the CAIRB enabling all students to access all aspects of school life, this is mainstream classroom learning or extra-curricular activities during the school day.

The role of the CAIRB is to deliver interventions, to support students and teachers within the mainstream. The teacher also supports in local schools offering advice and outreach to students with Communication and Interaction Difficulties.

The CAIRB is located in the Support Centre at THS, and is predominately a classroom with a sensory room which is where the ‘magic’ happens. Students are encouraged to use the sensory room when needed and they are also supported to access as much of the mainstream learning environment as possible. Provision and support is very much dependent on the provision set out under Section F of their EHCPs and each student is respected as an individual and supported as much.

The CAIRB offers a range of interventions which are aimed at exploring and developing the following:

  • Social Skills
  • Social Stories
  • Managing Emotions
  • Understanding our emotions
  • Independent skills
  • Sensory
  • Developing a tool box of coping strategies