Development Days Careers & PSHE programme

Our Careers and PSHE programme is delivered primarily through our PSHE lessons and ‘Development Days’. Development Days are collapsed days, where our normal timetable is suspended and students rotate through five 1 hour activities.  Students cover five topics every development day across the PSHE and Careers curriculum.

Our 2023 Development Days will take place on the following dates:

  • Development Day – Wednesday 12th October & Thursday 26th January
  • Y8 Options Evening with LMI – Tuesday 28th March
  • Y9 Options Evening and next steps and aim high – Thursday 26th January
  • Y10 Progression day/ Careers fair/ Next steps/ Interview and CV skills – Friday 7th July
  • Y10 Discovery Day- Exeter College – Tuesday 4th July
  • Y11 Next Steps and Exam preparation Evening – Tuesday 18th October

PSHE curriculum

Careers pilot – an introduction to future pathways. Development day B2 

Development day core values for careers. Students to recognise, clarify and if necessary challenge their own core values and how their values influence their choices. B3 

Development day core values for careers. Students develop the knowledge and skills needed for setting realistic and challenging personal targets and goals (including the transition to Key Stage 3. B3 

Assembly- Thinking about the future- Skills B7 

National Careers week– Aim high. B5 

Careers and option talk for students and parents. Evening session for parents. B1 B2 B4 

Skills for employment– Qualities, attitudes and skills needed for employability. Development day B3 

Employment for all -Exploring different types of work, including employment, self-employment and voluntary work Development day. B5 

Laws and work– Exploring laws and by-laws relating to young people’s permitted hours and types of employment and how to minimise health and safety risks. B5 

Right options– GCSE Options & Careers Pilot: the right pathway for me and my chosen career. Development day. B2 B4 B5 B7 

Work experience– All year 8 students do student receptionists where they assist the admin team. Admin staff talk about the skills needed to do the job as the students are front of house. B6 

National Careers week– Aim high and work hard B5 

Skills self-assessment & careers pilot– Students explore what they can achieve when they leave school. B4 

University visit for Careers Pilot students B7 

Post 16 pathways: College, apprenticeship and training B3 

University: Is it worth it and busting the myths

Enterprise In business. Assembly

Personal branding: marketing yourself as an employee. B4 

Options and Career support An Evening with parents about where their options will take them. B4 

NSSW University workshop and residential B7 

Employment – The gig economy, hours contracts and the  labour market & impact of Brexit on employment changing patterns of employment (local, national, European and global) B2 

Preparing for the workplace: work experience, finding employment, applications, CV & the interview B2 

Work experience preparation. Year 10 work experience and future careers information planning. B6 

Careers Day All students spend a day at PETROC learning about a range of careers. B2 

College discovery day All year 10 students go to Exeter college to experience the area they wish to study after THS. B7 

NSSW University workshop and residential B7 

Made Y11 Hall– Exams made easy: future pathways B7 

Ambition and resilience NCS B3 

How to become a lifelong learner.  Always learning B3 

College application and links to future careers B7 

One to one interviews about pathways with our careers coordinator B8 

  • Benchmark 1:
    A Stable Careers Programme B1
  • Benchmark 2:
    Learning from Career and Labour Market Information B2
  • Benchmark 3:
    Addressing the Needs of Each Student B3
  • Benchmark 4:
    Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers B4
  • Benchmark 5:
    Encounters with Employers and Employees B5
  • Benchmark 6:
    Experiences of Workplaces. B6
  • Benchmark 7:
    Encounters with Further and Higher Education B7
  • Benchmark 8:
    Personal Guidance B8