Work Experience & Employers

Preparing for a life of work is a key skill. At THS we have two opportunities for students to experience work.

In year 8 students will spend a day on reception. They will learn about the personal skills they need, the knowledge of what and how to do the role and behaviours they need to display. They will be shadowed by a member of the Admin team.

In year 10 students will participate in a work experience placement for a week in July. During development days, assemblies and tutor workshops, students will be supported to find their own placement. Some students will be asked to have an interview or skills test. Find out more in the Year 10 Work Experience booklet.

Students – finding a placement

If your child has yet to secure their placement, then please use the ‘Placement finder’ link to the right to view past work experience employers who may still have placements available.

Once you have found a placement you will need to complete the work placement agreement form.

If your child would like a 1-1 with Mrs Tregale, she is available in the Exams office every break time and is more than happy to help. You can also email her directly, about any work experience query on

Employers – offering a placement

If you are an employer who would like to offer work experience opportunities or can offer our students insight into available careers, then please get in touch on .

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