Year 9 pathway & Options

The second part of the options process will commence in January of year 9. This is a process of refining options in light of the work students do in their Development Days linked to careers. Once they have started their options in the September of year 10, students will not be able to change their mind. It is important to get it right.

The 3 options will be made up of the student’s Performing Arts or Design option, including Computing that they are currently studying. You may only pick from the options you have studied in year 9.

All students will study:

  • English Language GCSE
  • English Literature GCSE
  • Maths GCSE
  • Science (Trilogy worth 2 GCSEs)
  • An Ebacc Subject (either a language, a humanities, triple science or computing)
  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3

The 3 options will be made up of:

  • PE
    • PE GCSE or Sports Studies
  • Religion and Philosophy
  • Performing Arts
    • Dance, Drama or Music
  • Design
    • Art, Food or Design Technology
  • Computing
    • Computer Science GCSE or iMedia

and the open option from year 8.

They may also want to pick up one of the four extra options we offer in year 10:

  • Health and Social Care BTEC
  • Geography GCSE
  • Statistics GCSE
  • Geology GCSE