Celebrating Success

Izzy Kingdon

Great contributions in science and excellent assessment result. (Mrs Copsey)

Jayden Hunt

Excellent contributions to online science lessons and great quality work submitted. (Mrs Copsey)

Olivia Ashfield-Donaldson

For producing dishes for the staff to develop her portfolio and for always working beyond what is expected. (Mrs Dillon)

Cory Woodbury

For continued hard work and pushing his learning. (Mrs Dillon)

Aleksandra Chatzelli

For working hard and making excellent contributions to class discussion. (Mrs Dillon)

Marshall Evans

For some amazing practical work, he has really pushed himself. (Mrs Dillon)

Samuel Williams

For excellent websites, fantastic contributions to class discussion and general hard work. (Mrs Dillon)

Constance Pritchett and Cleo Green

…have made me smile every day by leaving a joke on my desk. (Mrs Osborne)

Gemma Fever

Food Preparation and Nutrition – Always does her best, completes every task set and is working in school every day. (Mrs Lethbridge)

Salome Perret

Food Preparation and Nutrition – always does her best, has shown resilience in completing NEA at home. (Mrs Lethbridge)

Rebecca Warren

Food – Fantastic written work, fabulous healthy, seasonal soup made at home. (Mrs Lethbridge)

Victoria Laskowska

Fantastic work throughout.  A beautifully presented final cheesecake. (Mrs Lethbridge)

Bobby Hughes

Outstanding History work, listening carefully to the feedback. (Mrs Lay)

Esther Webber

Excellent History work ,including extension tasks. (Mrs Lay)

Reuben Jackson

Helping with technical issues. (Mrs Broadley)

Noah Panton, Ed Grabke, Sophie Webber

All doing great work & participating well. (Mrs Broadley)

Gracie Musgrove

Excellent Chemistry work, cheerful contributions to online lessons (Mrs Copsey)

Mackenzie Warren

Good contributions in German. (Mrs Broadley)

Sammy Flowers

For persevering , her cheery smile & trying her best in her lessons. (Mrs Broadley)

Lucy Knight, Bobby Hughes, Woody Fonnereau, Daisy Sharland, Dylan Shakespeare, George Trump

Excellent online work and participation. (Mrs Broadley)

Gracie Tomlinson

Presentation of her art work. (Mrs Frost)

Amber Shakespeare

Beautiful drawings and time and care put into her work. (Mrs Frost)

Jess Draper, Alfie Coker, Laura Copsey, Rosie Matthews, Lottie Rigamonti, Eddie Budd

High standard of work and participate brilliantly in all lessons. (Mrs Broadley)

Neda Verpertinskaite, Sophie Thomas, Megan Langabeer, Amelia Filipek, Dom Stankiewicz, Noah Kirby-Chambers, Jess Kingdom, Gemma Fever

Great participation. (Mrs Broadley)

Isla Burnell

Time and care put into her art presentation. (Mrs Frost)

Lexi Palfrey

Keen to improve and refine her art work. (Mrs Frost)

Harvey Eastly

Always keen to improve and develop his art work. (Mrs Frost)

James Baker

Always keen to improve and develop his art work. (Mrs Frost)

Sienna Collins

All art work submitted with beautiful presentations. (Mrs Frost)

Abi Stark

Keen to improve and refine her art work. Lovely presentations. (Mrs Frost)

Cody Douglas

Kindness supporting others to upload work to Google Classrooms. (Mrs Taylor)

Demi Morgan and Tyler Lyons

Worked hard to improve on grades in Health and Social Care (Mrs Taylor)

Molly Cummings

For consistently asking great questions to further her knowledge in Food lessons. (Mrs Scotting)

Alexander Brameld, Dulcie Butt, Elliot Hopkins, Bluebell Crawford, Charlie Heard

For positivity, good contributions and good humour in online food lessons. (Mrs Scotting)

Addison Collins, Brooke Gould, Millie Crane

For excellent participation in German online lessons. (Mrs Scotting)