Year 10 Parental Survey

As outlined in the letter you received on Wednesday 20th May please find below a survey, which we ask that you complete.

I am aware that this is a challenging time for many families and thank you for all that you have already done to try to support the school through this unprecedented time.

Throughout all of the planning we have to consider the health and safety of both students and staff and for appropriate social distancing guidance to be followed. Our plans may have to be adjusted as circumstances  change and we ask for parents/carers to bear with us as we meander our way through the various guidance.

We hope that we will have year 10 back in school in House groups so that students are with others whom they know. However school will feel very different for both staff and students and we ask that you discuss this with your son/daughter before completing this survey.

  • Your child will only be allowed to attend school from the week beginning Monday 8th June if you have requested them to do so in this survey. Your son/daughter cannot just come in to school unless you have specified that this is your wish 
  • If you decide not to send your child back to school from the week beginning 8th June, your child will not be able to come back to school until Monday 29th June at the earliest due to the need to manage groups of students and staff safely. You will not be penalised for not sending your child to school under the COVID-19 guidance if this is your decision. 
  • Even if you do not intend for your child to go back to school you must still complete the survey 
  • Deadline for completion of this survey is Tuesday 26th May at 4pm.

We will send you further details once the surveys are returned and we have a clearer idea of the number of students who will be in school.

If students attend they will be expected to bring in as much of their own equipment as possible such as pens, pencils, and a calculator. It would also be helpful if they brought in their school books (assuming they have them). However, if a student needs to borrow equipment we can facilitate this.


WalkingBy car

Packed lunchFood purchased from school refectoryMy child has free school meals

YesNo - my child will need to borrow some equipment please.