English is a core subject that is essential in everyday life. Colleges/universities and employers all like to see a good English GCSE grade, as this highlights that the applicant has proven, quality communication skills.

Gaining a grade 5 at GCSE opens many doors. You need Grade 5 (new GCSE grade C) English to effectively access A levels. For that reason, for many A level courses, a grade 5 in English is necessary to study AS/A2. A levels are required to study a degree course at university and a degree increases earning power further. For most careers, from hairdressing to medicine, you need your English GCSE, so working hard now will reap rewards later in life!

Times change, but the power of words and language only grows. We are proud to help our students on the journey towards becoming perceptive, articulate and creative participants in society.

Student and teacher laughing together
Georgina Doeller Subject Leader
Lara Osborne Assistant Subject Leader
Natalie Westacott Key Stage 3 co-ordinator
Matthew Naylor
Sarah Hill
Jessica Marks
Hayley Eggleton
Lewis Fry
Leah Cottrell
Juliet Main Assistant Headteacher
Torie Castley Head of House
Ryan Doeller

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