It is the aim of Tiverton High School to make the exam process as stress-free and successful for all students as possible.

Exam dates for the academic year 2019/20

November GCSE re-sits are:

  • From 4 to 11 November 2019 inclusive
  • Results will be available on Thursday 16 January 2020

Year 11 Mock Exams are:

  • From 18 to 29 November 2019 inclusive
  • Results will be available during the Mock Results Day Assembly on Monday 16 December at 9.00am in the Assembly Hall

All End of Year Exams (EoYE) which are to be conducted in a formal exam room setting will take place between the dates below. Exams taken in the classroom setting (mainly Years 7 and 8) are scheduled at the teacher’s discretion.

  • From 20 April to 27 April 2020 for Year 9
  • From 28 April to 5 May 2020 for Year 10
  • From 9 June to 16 June 2020 for Year 7
  • From 17 to 19 June 2020 for Year 8
  • Results will be supplied in the students’ end of year report

Summer 2020 GCSE exam dates are:

  • From 11 May to 17 June 2020 inclusive.
  • Results will be available to students on Thursday 20 August 2020 at 9.15am in the Assembly Hall.

Exam preparation for mock exams and GCSEs

Exam information

Post Exam information

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