Food preparation and nutrition

Our fresh and exciting Food Preparation and Nutrition specification equips students with an array of culinary techniques, as well as knowledge of nutrition, food traditions and kitchen safety. Its aim is to inspire and motivate students, opening their eyes to a world of career opportunities and giving them the confidence to cook with ingredients from across the globe.

Kim Lethbridge Teacher in Charge – Food
Katie Mackenzie
Robert Bowers
Julia Dillon
Adam Preece Teacher in Charge – Resistant Materials

Please download the Learning Journeys using the links below.

Food Year 7 (79.4 KiB)

Food Year 8 (80.8 KiB)

Food Year 9 (73.3 KiB)

Food FPAN Year 10 (71.0 KiB)

Art Yr 11 (52.6 KiB)

Food FPAN Year 11 (140.8 KiB)