Gender Pay Gap Reporting

We are an employer required by law to carry out Gender Pay Reporting under the
Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

This involves carrying out six calculations that show the difference between the
average earnings of men and women in our organisation; it will not involve publishing
individual employees data.

Gender Pay Reporting requires our organisation to make calculations based on
employee gender. We will establish this by using our existing HR and payroll

We are required to publish the results on our own websites. We will do this within
one calendar year of 31st
March 2017.

As an Employer subject to the Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties and Public
Authorities) Regulations 2017, unlike private organistions we do not need to prepare
a written statement to accompany this, however we feel it is important that we can
use these results to assess:
• the levels of gender equality in our Federation
• the balance of male and female employees at different levels
• how effectively talent is being maximised and supported
• evaluates job roles and pay grades as necessary to ensure a fair structure.

The challenge in our Federation and across Great Britain is to eliminate any gender
pay gap.

The Federation is committed to the principle of equal opportunities and equal
treatment for all employees, regardless of sex, race, religion or belief, age, marriage
or civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, sexual orientation, gender reassignment or
disability. We therefore have a clear policy of paying employees equally for the same
or equivalent work, regardless of their sex (or any other characteristic set out above).

The Federation is therefore confident that its gender pay gap does not stem from
paying men and women differently for the same or equivalent work. Any gender pay
gap is the result of the roles in which men and women work within the organisation
and the salaries that these roles attract.


Calculations of Gender pay gap

Mean 21.4%
Median 39.8%

  • mean figure (the difference between the average of men’s and women’s pay)
  • median figure (the difference between the midpoints in the ranges of men’s
    and women’s pay)

Quartiles- % of genders in each quartile

QuartileCountMM %FF %
Upper Quartile822834.1%5465.9%
Upper Middle Quartile822328.0%5972.0%
Lower Middle Quartile821417.1%6882.9%
Lower Quartile811012.3%7187.7%