Travelling to school

Devon County Council is responsible for the provision of school transport. Their policy states:

  • There will be free school transport where a student of compulsory school age lives beyond the statutory distance from the school designated by the Local Authority who serve the home address.  The statutory distance is defined as three miles. To qualify, the statutory distance is measured by using the shortest available route between the home and the school
  • transport is provided to students registered at a school that is nearest to their home when this is not the designated school and if beyond the walking distance and suited to the age, ability and aptitude of the child
  • there are exceptions to this policy.  Some students may be given free transport for special reasons, even when they live within the statutory distance – for example on medical grounds
  • it is a parental responsibility to arrange for children to travel in safety between the home and picking-up and setting-down points.  Parents are also responsible for their children while they are waiting for transport and when they leave the transport at the end of the day
  • where the Authority is not obliged to provide transport, it is a parental responsibility to make arrangements for and to meet the costs of travel between home and school
  • where spare seats on the County Council’s school transport vehicles or contractors’ vehicles are available, these may be occupied by children not entitled to free school transport on the purchase of a concessionary ticket.  Adequate warning will be given to parents should the concession need to be withdrawn
  • if parents are unhappy about the way in which the policy has been applied, staff at the Divisional Educational Office will be willing to discuss any concerns.  An appeal procedure exists

Further information is available from the Transport Section, Devon County Council.  A full policy statement is available from the Transport Section.

Severe Weather

In the event of exceptional weather we may be forced to close.  Announcements about school opening times or special arrangements will be made on the local radio stations and the school website . Announcements will also be made through the school Twitter account

Radio Devon 0845 3011034 (990KHZ A 301m/103.4FM)
Heart Radio 01392 444444

However if it is a school transport issue, the school will be open for all who can get here on foot.

Safe Journeys to School

Students will be given advice on safer journeys to school either by bus, car, bicycle, or on foot.  This has been drawn up by staff and the local police.

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