A message from ‘Perfect Pippin’

Hello Everyone!

The weather has been lovely this week and I have really enjoyed getting out and about. There are lots of new flowers for me to eat and sniff!

Mrs Matthews has been in my garden again and drinking coffee mainly. She made Mr Matthews put a big noisy machine across all my grass and now it’s hard to eat because its short. Gaby brings me nice food twice a day though.

Max has been telling me that he is really enjoying having Mrs Matthews home, but I told him that she talks too much and I enjoy the peace.

The next-door neighbours had a little tea party on Friday and they passed stuff over the big wooden thing, from their hutch to share-they don’t go near each other’s personal space though and I don’t know why? Mrs Matthews has no problems shoving her face right in my hutch and talking in a funny high voice-or that Max eating my poo!

I hope you are all still staying safe indoors and I can’t wait to see you all again. Harriet says hi as well-all she does is stuff her face! You can understand why I am the favourite pet around here can’t you?

Lots of love,
Perfect Pippin x