A message from Pippin

Hello Everyone!

Mrs Matthews has asked me to the blog this week as she is busy!

I haven’t been out in the run much this week as the water keeps coming out of the sky and its not good for me to get cold. It has also kept the people in the house away as they have this strange fire thing in my garden that they put food on! I prefer my veggies.
Mrs Matthews and Gaby have been talking to me and visiting a lot. They have been bringing nice food though, which is good, none of that boring stuff. I love my herbs. They do talk in strange bunny voices though.

Mrs Matthews told me that she has planted me a herb garden and that she has also planted pumpkin plants for all of her class. Then, in autumn they should all be able to carve their own pumpkins, whatever they are. She has also made a bug hotel, whatever that is-Mr Matthews thinks she is going mad and needs to get back to work…but Mrs Matthews says he would miss the cakes she has been cooking too much.

She has been talking to Mrs Roberts and Mrs Dowzell a lot too on that thing with buttons that she talks to sometimes?!
Hector keeps visiting me and he is very cheeky. The two dog creatures are a pain. The one with the bushy tail eats my food and my poop-no manners!

I think the weather is going to be good next week so I should be able to get out more.

I hope you are all staying safe indoors and can’t wait until we are all back in class again, as I miss you all.

Lots of love,
Pippin x

pippin the rabbit