Biochemistry challenge

Today 4 year 9s and 4 year 10s journeyed up to Blundell’s to take part in a biochemistry challenge against several other schools from the southwest.

The students in 2 teams were set a challenge to use Benedict’s Reagent and colourimetry to find out the sugar content of several (fake) samples of urine to determine if any of the patients were diabetic. They then took part in a quiz challenging their scientific knowledge on areas outside normal school curriculum.

Finally, they were treated to a demonstration by one of the Blundell’s science staff involving some exploding balloons and elephants’ toothpaste!

One of our teams ended up in 4th place out of 7 teams only just missing the 3rd place spot! Extremely well done! The students taken were: Edward S. Isabel J. Thomas C. Tristan F. Isaac S. Lottie R. Ana C. Sam W

All students represented the school brilliantly (especially enjoying the roast beef lunch) and we hope to return next year!

Mr Dunning