Creative writing competition launched

This intriguing, beautiful miniature dwelling has been created for us by a local artist, Steamfunk Fairy, to inspire creative writing.

Watch the video, and think… who or what might live here?

Put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and get writing!  Detailed, evocative description, magical prose, a mystical short story, poetry or songs…perhaps you’d like to tell a tale of the person who lives here? Or perhaps how you might feel if you lived there?

The house will be on display  in reception this week, so you can look for yourself… but time is ticking!

Closing date is Weds 22nd June.

Hand it in to Mrs Westacott or email to You are welcome to come to Creative Writing Club in room 39 on Wednesday after school.

Open to all students – 400 words maximum limit please.

The overall winner will be chosen by the artist and a panel of judges…and will win THE HOUSE!!!

All entries will also go on display, with the inspirational house, in the writing gallery at The Unnamed Arts Festival  in Tiverton on July 10th!

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