Mock exams for Year 11 – announcement

It came to our attention yesterday evening that mock exam papers provided for Year 11 students who are self-isolating have been shared prior to the exams. We are clearly disappointed that a student should think putting this online was acceptable, and it has affected the mock exams not only for those in self-isolation but for the whole of Year 11.

We gave parents and carers of students that are self-isolating copies of the exams on 12 November. This came with instructions as to when to give those students the exam papers and conditions for the mock exam at home.

Students will have sat English yesterday and some students may therefore have had prior knowledge of the exam. We have taken the decision to replace the mock paper in Maths (today) and English Language (Wednesday). The Maths paper students have sat this morning is the calculator one and we provided calculators to those students who didn’t have one.

The papers follow the curriculum students have been studying, and any revision is relevant for these papers. We will of course take the circumstances of the leaked papers into account when marking them, and will review trends. We have acted as quickly as we are able and taken prompt and appropriate action to maintain the integrity of mock exams. We will also review how and why the exam papers were leaked and will act on this information.