New strides for boys’ KS4 basketball

The Year 9/10 boys Basketball Team have had a good run of games in November.

As a new and young team in the KS4 Exeter and Mid Devon league, they are still in the developmental phase, though they were competitive and showed potential for the future.

Notable performances were from Noah Panton in Game 1 vs Isca College. Noah took his chances to score various lay-ups getting points on the board and making the scoreline respectable. In Game 2 vs QE, Ryan J and Ollie R linked up to outwit opponents with their range of passing and clever movement to help the team gain chances. In Game 3 vs St James, Reuben W showed composure and mastery in dribbling into the opponents’ area to create scoring opportunities. Jacob J was excellent in defence with good vision intercepting passes and re-gaining possession.

The boys look forward to more upcoming games, in the photo; Netahnyal B. Noah P. Oliver R-F. Ollie R. Luken C. Reuben G. Ryan J. Ethan K. Jacob J. Reben W. Danny W.

Mr Thorne

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