Our teddies welcomed by Ukranian children

You’ll recall we sent a batch of knitted teddies to Ukraine? They have been received, and Olesia Shevchenko from the Ukranian embassy in Moldova sent this messge (translated from Ukranian):

“It’s amazing how genuinely children enjoy a gifted toy, especially if it is made by their peers! On behalf of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Moldova, I thank the schoolchildren of Tiverton High School from England for support and solidarity with Ukrainian children. Handmade yellow and blue bears – make you forget for a moment about the war…

“Thank you, dear Mrs. Irina Louenna Hood, Irina Rusanovschi, Emily Pike, Mrs Sophie Reiness teachers for the opportunity to give joy to Ukrainian children! Today, the faces of children at the center for temporarily displaced persons located in the premises of the former Cinemalukoil in Chisinau city shone with joy.

“More than 200 temporarily displaced Ukrainians live in comfortable hostels of the Technical University of Moldova UTM about 70 of them are children. It was touching to meet Maryinka from Mariupol, who sincerely loved the bear made by the hands of the English girl Lydia from Tiverton High School.

“I’m sure that gratitude to peers from the UK Ukrainian children will carry through their entire lives…”