Pippin’s Blog – 11-01-2021

Hello there,

This is Pippin taking time out from my very busy schedule with an extremely important announcement. As you know I have I have an Instagram account @pippintherabbitandfriends which (of course because I am the star, not those others) is very popular. So, sadly the blog will now close for a while and I will only post on here sometimes, due to my incredible popularity and virtual celebrity status on Instagram.

Today, I am going to be making some food for the wild birds, so when my assistant Mrs Matthews is ready we will post this on my account. I will make sure she shows you exactly what to do, as you can make these at home as well! We will be doing lots of art and crafts in this lockdown.

Please head over and follow @pippintherabbitandfriends and tell everyone you know to follow me too. I want to be so famous that I appear on This Morning and Good Morning Britain and open fetes! I am going to have some beauty sleep now, as it is a full-time job being this gorgeous and escaping Mrs Matthews!