Pippin’s blog – week 6

I’m back!

That Oreo was a right pain in the fluffy tail last week! She basically rabbit-knapped me! I am plotting revenge!

I hope you are all OK and have had a lovely half-term and getting back to do some work this week?

I have been working hard and have been in my hutch planning some ideas in my fluffy gorgeous head. My best idea I think, is a book about how a good rabbit can look after, take care of and train her Humans. Mine are very tricky but I think I have some good tips that I can share with other rabbits that may be having some of the problems that I have had.

I am working on Chapter 1 – How to stop a Human talking in a stupid high voice.  Chapter 2 is- How to catapult cheap rabbit food back at the Humans so they only buy the good stuff. (There is a very good technique to this, which involves growling at them as well). The next chapter does involve poo and wee, but I am not sure what the title will be. My book will also include pictures of Humans doing stupid things and believe me I have some good stuff. Mr Matthews setting fire to the BBQ fish yesterday was a corker-he really does think he is Gordon Ramsey, but it’s just the bad language they have in common, he’s no chef. Anyway, I will let you know more next week!

Please send some more work in for me to have a look at!

Oh, here is also a picture of that idiotic rabbit Hector, after he dug the plants up and tried to act innocent!

Lots of love,

from Pippin xxxxxx