Pippin’s blog – week 9

Hello again everyone!

I’m back and I bet you have all missed me so much!

Good news-before that man with the funny white hair said we had this lockdown thing and had to stay in our hutches, I had joined a drama class. I only went to two sessions and I loved them. Mrs Matthews and Gaby signed me up as they said I am a drama queen and a diva? Anyway, they are being held on a zoomy thing on the weird picture thing that Mrs Matthews is always on. Here is a picture of me this week ignoring everyone and looking wistfully and dramatically into the distance. Mrs Matthews and Gaby thought something awful had happened to me and that was really funny so I might try that again! They really are stupid sometimes.

Mrs Matthews has been reading me some work from a boy called Harrison and it was really good stuff. I have asked her to put this on my blog for you all to read. She told me about Harrison and he sounds like a lot of fun. Archie has been emailing Mrs Matthews as well which makes her happy. However, Archie tells bad jokes and here is one;
What do you call pig with no clothes on? Streaky bacon!

Mrs M thinks its hilarious but I think that’s her age.

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful sunny weather. I love the sun and all the lovely herbs in the garden. I am off to write a bit of my book and I am also doing a bunny-yoga class this afternoon on the zoomy thing! I am such a busy and gorgeous rabbit!

Take care all of you, lots of love, Perfect Pippin x