School timings and uniform from September 2022

We’ve sent a letter to parents/carers today, detailing important changes to the timings and structure of the school day and modifications to our school uniform policy from September 2022.

We are changing the timings of our school day and the length of lessons for implementation next academic year 2022-2023.

The changes are as follows;

·       The school day will start for students at 8:30am and formal lessons will finish at 3:00pm.

·       Registration/personal development/world studies and assemblies will take place for all year groups between 8:30-9:00am each day.

·       We will be reducing the number of lessons each day from 6 to 5 as lessons will be 60 minutes in length from September as opposed to 50 minutes currently.

·       Break and lunchtimes will both be 30 minutes in length.

·       The staggered lunchtimes will allow all year groups to have access to their own refectory space.

There are a range of reasons to move to this structure, which include;

·       Reducing the amount of lost learning time as a result of transitions from one lesson to another.

·       Providing students with the opportunity to attend extra-curricular clubs all year round and being able to walk home whilst the light is still good during the winter months.

·       Providing our new year 9 cohort (September 2022) with an extra option block giving them an additional GCSE subject to study.

·       Providing parity of time allocated across subjects within the curriculum.

·       Ensuring that we deliver 32.5 hours of in-school time each week which is in line with the proposals from the government white paper.

We have liaised with Devon County Council to ensure that those students who travel by school bus are accommodated.

Further details about how the school day will work for each year group will be shared with students and parents/carers over the coming weeks in preparation for September 2022.

Changes to our school uniform and purchase options for September 2022

Firstly we have used this year to explore a different supplier for our PE uniform. In line with government guidance this is more affordable than the previous kit and families can also access this from an outlet in Exeter to enable students to try items on. Follow this link for guidance.


Secondly, we will follow other secondary schools in implementing a more gender-neutral uniform policy. Parents/carers will be pleased to know that the majority of the uniform will remain as it is, with the exception that from September all students will be expected to wear trousers.

Parents/carers will continue to have choice of supplier, to give you flexibility around both cost and fit. You can continue to purchase appropriate school trousers from Thomas Moore where they will rivet them with a THS logo free of charge – but we are happy for you to choose other suppliers where the options available meet our policy.

We will continue to rivet these approved non-Thomas Moore trousers in school, as we do now, at no cost. Appropriate styles can be found in the school uniform sections of Tescos, ASDA and other supermarkets and I and my team are working with a group of students to explore sources of appropriate trousers from other retailers which will share with you over the coming weeks. Here are some examples of trousers other than Thomas Moore’s that would be considered acceptable:

M&S: 2pk Girls’ Easy Dressing School Trousers (3-18 Yrs) | M&S Collection | M&S (
H&M: Crease-leg trousers – Black – Ladies | H&M GB (
Next: Buy Trutex Black Girls Twin Pocket School Trousers from the Next UK online shop

Please note that these are just examples and other suppliers are available.

If you are unsure if a brand meets our policy, please do check with us before making your purchase, or if you are unable to check, please keep your receipt.

Please be aware that the following are not allowed:

–        Leggings

–        Jeggings

–        Jeans

–        Skin-tight/stretch trousers

–        Shiny trousers

–        Trousers with zip adornments

We will notify parents/carers of the days and times we are open for riveting over the summer holidays as we approach the summer break.

Thank you in anticipation of your support in these changes.

Yours sincerely


Sammy Crook
Head Teacher