As we approach the midway mark of the first term, we wanted to remind students and parents of the school’s uniform policy, and in particular the rules on extra items such as jewellery.

The only jewellery permitted is two stud earrings, badges issued by the school and watches. No piercings other than ears are permitted, and no more than two earrings in total – this means that any nose studs or extra ear piercings need to be removed before school.

May we also remind students that the cold weather will soon be upon us, and coats/scarves can be worn in break times and before/after school. No hoodies (except for yr10 & 11 PE hoodies) are permitted, but if you wish to wear something warmer, you can wear a plain black v-neck knitted jumper or cardigan under your school jacket.

The full uniform policy can be found here – thank you for your cooperation.