Week 4 update from Pippin

Hello again everyone!

The weather has been lovely again and I have been getting out and about and doing a little bit of sunbathing!

Mrs Matthews has been in my garden again a bit too much and drinking coffee again, but she did read me something interesting about farming from someone called Archie this week. She said Archie had sent some lovely work and asked if I would like her to read it to me-I did say it was OK as long as she used a quiet voice and not that annoying screechy one! Do you know what? It was fantastic work and she told me all about Archie as well-he sounds pretty cool! Archie said it was OK to add his work to my blog for you all to have a look at.

I have also been chatting to my friends the Guinea Pigs who are called Squigg and Badger, this week and asked Mrs Matthews to put their pictures on here.

She said she was going to put Hector’s picture on as well! He really gets on my nerves – he is smelly, scratches his hutch really loud and poops by my cage. He needs to be spoken to by Mrs Crook. Mrs Matthews says some of you may remember Hector visiting for the day in Support Centre and he chewed the computer wires  – don’t tell Mr Forder!

I hope you all enjoy the lovely sunny weather that Mrs Matthews says is coming this week! I am going to chew her flowers as she really hates that! If you want to send me some work please email it to Mrs Matthews.

Take care all of you, lots of love, Perfect Pippin x