Year 11 Parents’ Exam Support Seminar

With the fast-approaching 2019 mocks and 2020 final exams, we want to ensure that students and their parents/carers are provided with the support they need during this critically important time.

We will be hosting an hour-long seminar for parents and carers to equip them with the knowledge of how best to support and assist children in exam preparation – so make sure to book a seat for them too.

The evening seminars will be packed full of practical advice and guidance on both traditional and contemporary techniques to aid memory and engage with learning, plus pointers on how to strike the all-important balance between studying and socialising in the exam season.

Please see details of the seminars below.

Monday, 28th October – 6pm (Barle, Dart and Culm*)

Tuesday 29th October – 6pm (Exe, Lowman, and Otter*)

Venue: THS Main Hall

Book your seats online:

* Please note that places can be booked on either evening, however priority will be given to the specified Houses to manage capacity.