Tiverton High School virtual teaching
(Teaching and Learning with Google Classroom)

There are a few possible scenarios where virtual teaching with Google Classroom will be put
into practice at Tiverton High School. Expectations for these key scenarios are as follows:

Whole year group at home, teachers in school

Our basic expectation is that students and teachers will be in their Google Classroom online
space during their allocated timetable slot during any period of bubble isolation or
lockdown. Exceptions to this will be rare and will most likely be due to staff or student

At the start of each timetabled lesson teachers will set a question in the Classwork section
that students can answer that shows they are ‘present’ or online during the lesson.
Non-attendance or engagement with online learning will be logged by classroom teachers
and contact with home will be co-ordinated and carried out by tutors and/or Head of Year in
the first instance.

The teacher will, at a minimum, set an appropriate assignment in the Classwork section of
the Google Classroom. Successful completion of this assignment may be carried out in a
single lesson or could be expected to take several lessons/online sessions depending on the
subject and year group.

The teacher may choose to produce a number of differentiated assignments and set
different assignments to individuals in the class.

Assignments will be supported by learning materials. These could be in the form of
PowerPoint presentations, documents, pre-recorded videos or links to other material such
as GCSEPod podcasts or relevant YouTube videos. Teachers will ensure that any material
shared with students through Google Classroom is in a format that can be accessed easily
on all devices (e.g. no Microsoft Publisher files etc).

The teacher will engage directly with students in the Google Classroom space during the
timetabled lesson. Engagement with students may involve a period of ‘live’ presentation of
information and/or explanation of any assignments. Any ‘live’ presentations will be
recorded by the teacher and will be made available in the Google Classroom space, usually
by the end of that particular lesson. Students may then find it useful to re-watch the teacher
presentation to help with answering questions or quizzes and completing assignments.

The teacher may also engage students in the Google Classroom space during the timetabled
lesson by asking questions or setting quizzes in the Classwork section. Sometimes questions
and quizzes will be for the whole class and sometimes a teacher will ask some targeted
questions to some selected students.

The teacher and students may interact via written messages in the Stream section of the
Google Classroom. The Stream is a good place for teachers to make announcements to the
whole class. Some teachers may stop students from posting to the Stream if that is felt

Year group in school but selected students absent due to self-isolating
or ill:

The class teacher will set work in Google Classroom appropriate for completion at home.
This work might be set as a whole class assignment or might be set as an assignment
targeted only at students who are absent.

If only a few students in a class are absent it is unlikely that students will be able to join a
class live via a Google Meet video session. However, students can always access the
classroom Stream from home and can ask questions by typing in the Stream. When possible,
the teacher will check the Stream for any questions posed by the absent students. In
addition, teachers may have capacity during the lesson time to actively ask a targeted
question to absent students via the Classwork section. This is at the teacher’s discretion and
will be determined by the nature and pace of the physical lesson.

Part of year group at home, teachers in school

Where a significant number of a year group bubble has been sent home, but a significant
number also remain in school, then teachers may use a combination of the approaches
outlined in the first two scenarios. It is likely that a teacher will choose to deliver lessons to
meet the requirements of the majority of the students in any given class. E.g. if most of the
students in a class are self-isolating, they will lead an online class. However, this is at
teachers’ discretion and staff may choose the best solution to meet the needs of the group.

Year group in school, class teacher at home but not ill:

Where appropriate and feasible the class will be supervised by a cover supervisor or supply
teacher. This colleague will manage behaviour and assist with straightforward questions.
The class teacher will join the class via Google Classroom and will present the lesson live via
a laptop, projector and speaker system.

In addition, the teacher may also set assignments and ask questions via the Google
Classroom space whilst the lesson is running. These may be additional tasks that students
can complete as homework.

Behaviour in Google Classroom and other online spaces

Tiverton High School’s expectations of behaviour are the same in the Google Classroom
space as when students are in the physical school building and appropriate sanctions will be
applied for inappropriate behaviour.

Virtual Teaching Champions

During the Autumn term of 2020 THS will identify a small group of teachers and students in
each year group to be Virtual Teaching Champions. Teacher VTC’s will provide technical help
to colleagues. Student VTC’s will provide technical help to their peers. It is hoped that we
might also identify some Parent VTC’s who could provide help to each other.


Resources produced by THS to help with using Google Classroom are available here:

In addition, Google have a comprehensive suite of support videos available: