Year 11 and their studies during closure

At the moment we are still awaiting clarification from the DfE on how Year 11 students will be awarded grades for the qualifications they have been studying.

It is likely that they will ask teachers for a grade based upon any work or assessments that have taken place so far. However, there is also the possibility that some colleges may ask for their own assessments to be done as some form of entry exam. It is also possible that students will have the opportunity to sit some of their GCSEs in autumn which they may wish to do should they not be happy with the grade they have been awarded.

For this reason we are continuing to make work available online for Year 11 students. It is of course up to each individual Y11 student to decide what work they choose to do, but our advice at this moment is to at least keep up to speed on English and maths and any subjects they are planning to study next year.

If you require any more personal advice then staff are available to discuss your personal questions.