You can contact the school in many ways. It is a busy facility, so please review the information below to ensure you are directed to the right contact within the school.

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Tiverton Community Arts Theatre –  Theatre space hire and event information

Please note:  Tickets for TCAT shows are not available on the THS site.  Tickets can be purchased from the theatre website (with or without booking fee depending on the event) or The Busy Bee, Fore Street, Tiverton.

External Lettings – Booking of school spaces and grounds for external use


Partnership Office – Community Liaison and Alumni Support


Year 7 Tutors
Mr I Wright 7IW
Mrs Reiness 7SJR
Miss R Hoskins 7RSH rhoskin@tiverton
Mrs J Greig 7JAG
Mr S Dunning 7SDD
Mrs J Marks 7JLM
Mr A Nderitu 7AMN
Mr M Naylor 7MAN
Mrs L Frost 7LZF
Mr J Wood 7JIW
Year 8 Tutors
Mrs K Lethbridge 8KL
Miss L Clark 8LDC
Mrs A Broadley 8AXB
Mr D Hart & Miss R Cartwright (Fri) 8DRH
Mrs Roberts 8RR
Mrs V Parkinson 8VSP
Mr J Putt 8JKP
Mr N Hallett 8NGH
Miss E Lang 8ELL
Mrs L Cottrell & Ms S Bennett 8LEC
Year 9 Tutors
Mr J Eggleton 9JCE
Mrs S Dienes & Mrs J Kallaway (Wed) 9SFD
Mrs L Webber 9LGW
Mr N Pitfield 9NAP
Ms R Harvey & Mr L Fry 9LRH
Mr R Puzey 9RXP
Mrs S Hill 9SCH
Mr N Hodgson 9NJH
Mr G Brown 9GXB
Mrs N Westacott & Mrs C Bamber (Fri) 9NLW
Year 10 Tutors
Mrs L Lee 10LJI
Mr A Preece 10ARP
Mrs C Gregson 10COG
Mrs S Bartram-Owen 10STB
Mr C Blaxland 10CB
Mr M Humphreys 10MZH
Mrs A Taylor 10HET
Mrs L Osborne 10LSO
Mr N Heeney 10NAH
Mr B Burrows & Mrs K Goode (Fri) 10RJB
Year 11 Tutors
Miss J Bassham 11JSB
Mrs M Mullen 11MM
Miss N Large 11NRL
Miss J Dillon 11JCD
Mr D Saunders 11DS
Mr D Thorne 11DXT
Mr P Gardner 11PFG
Mr S Wright-Stainton 11SWS
Mr T Frankham 11TRF
Mrs P Lay & Mrs N Gardner (Tues) 11PXL
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Design &
Maths &

Please contact for any accounts queries.

Please email for general school enquiries.

School Contacts

Head – Mrs Sammy Crook
Deputy Head –  Mr Simon Tong
Deputy Head – Mrs Julie Scotting
Head’s PA – Mrs Meg Hepworth
Assistant Heads – Mrs Juliet Main, Mrs Nicola Lane, Mrs Rae Parker
Student Services Manager – Mrs Claire Palin
Designated Safeguarding Lead – Mrs Carrie Morrell
Student Support Officers – Oliver Symons, Kirsty Pritchard, Jess Jones
Attendance Officer – Helen Head
SENCO (Special Educational Needs) – Mrs Tania Mayes
Finance and Premises Manager – Mr John Cleaver
Accounts Officer – Mrs Kelly Woodman
Uniform Enquiries – Mrs Nicola Lane
Website/IT queries – Mr Simon Forder
Work Experience – Mrs Julie Tregale
Activities Week – Coordinator Mrs Kim Lethbridge

Report an absence

Please email to report an absence to the attendance office.

Requests for absence during term time

As from the 1st September 2013, all schools are unable to authorise any requests for absence relating to holidays in term time. This has been brought about by an amendment to the Education (Pupil Registration)(England) Regulations 2006 which has removed reference to holidays and the ten day period.

These changes reinforce the government’s view that every minute of every school day is vital and that pupils should only be granted authorised absence by the school, in exceptional circumstances e.g. illness, exclusions, or due to other unavoidable causes. This view has recently been reinforced by Ofsted who in a recently published report on a Devon school reported, “Pupils clearly enjoy being at school. However, overall attendance is no better than average and this is in part due to some pupils being taken out of school for holidays during term time by their parents, in spite of the fact that the school has a clear and published policy that makes it clear that such absence is unauthorised. This absence has an impact on pupils’ achievement. As a result, the overall judgement for behaviour and safety is good rather than outstanding”.

We would remind parents that unauthorised absences may well result in the instigation of parental responsibility measures which could be a penalty notice, or a fine of up to £2,500 and/or a term of imprisonment of up to 3 months. We hope you will support your child’s school by ensuring that your son/daughter obtains the maximum benefit from their time at school by attending punctually for the 190 days each year that the law requires, unless prevented from doing so by an unavoidable circumstances.

Download the full letter from DCC

babcock absence

Download a copy of the Absence request form

s2 holiday request

For help or advice at any time before, during or after the exams series please contact the school’s Exams Office. Alternatively your student’s teacher, Subject Leader, Head of House or Student Support Services will be able to help… in fact everyone at the school is here to help!

Exams Manager – Sarah Skinner
Exams Assistant – Cathy Britton

Ask for extension 219 or contact us by email.

What to do if you suspect a child or young person is at risk?

In order to protect people from abuse and harm it is important that everyone knows what to do if they suspect someone is being abused.

You may suspect that someone is being harmed or abused because:

  • You have general concerns about someone’s wellbeing
  • You see or hear about something which could cause abuse
  • Someone tells you something has happened or is happening to them which could be abuse.

Within school the Designated Safeguarding Lead is Carrie Morrell (Head of Student Welfare) and our Deputy DSL is Kerrie Butler (Family Support Worker), please feel free to contact the above staff on 01884 256655 or to discuss any concerns.

If you have serious concerns about a child or young person, or if you need help parenting your child you can call 0345 155 1071 or email

Out of hours please call 0845 6000 388. If it is an emergency dial 999.