Q. Isn’t it a waste of time to check my exam entries on my Statement of Entries in January?

  • NO! Because only you know what grades you need for your place at College.
  • If you need a B grade then you MUST discuss this with your teacher if they have made a Foundation entry for you!

Q. I am entitled to extra time – how will this affect the way I take my exams?

  • Generally, you will be seated with other extra time students in a separate room. The Invigilators will display the finishing time of your exam on the board.

Q. What do I do if there’s a clash on my outline timetable that I am given in January?

  • The school will stagger exams where there is a clash of subjects.
  • You will be supervised between your clash exams.
  • A letter will be sent home giving full details.

Q. What do I do if I think I have the wrong exam paper?

  • Invigilators will ask you to check this before the exam starts.
  • If you think something is wrong put your hand up and tell the Invigilator immediately.

Q. What do I do if I forget the school’s centre number?

  • The Centre Number is 54287. It will be clearly displayed in the exam rooms.

Q. Can I talk when I am in an exam room?

  • No unless it is to speak quietly to an invigilator.

Q. What do I do if I have an accident or am ill before an exam?

  • Inform the school as soon as possible so we can help or advise you.
  • You will need to provide medical evidence (from your GP or hospital).

Q. What do I do if I feel ill during an exam?

  • Put your hand up and an Invigilator will assist you.

Q. If I’m late? Can I still sit the exam?

  • Provided you are not more than 1 hour late, it may still be possible for you to sit the exam. You should get to school as quickly as possible and report to Reception.

Q. If I miss an exam can I take it on another day?

  • No.

Q. Do I have to wear school uniform?

    • Before May Half Term – yes.
    • After May Half Term – no.
  • Dress must be appropriate and not cause any offence.
  • Coats, hats, gloves and scarves may not be worn at any time. Hoodies are not permitted before half term at all. After half term they may be worn but the hood must never be pulled up.

Q. What equipment should I bring for my exams?

  • See the section about this on the Exam Day Checklist page.
  • You must not attempt to borrow equipment from another candidate during an exam.

Q. What items are NOT allowed in the exam room?

  • Only materials that are listed on the question papers.
  • No food is allowed in the exam room except water and mints (no labels or packaging)
  • Mobile phones must not be brought into the exam room even if they are turned off.

Q. Why can’t I bring my mobile phone/internet watch into the exam room?

  • Put simply – because the exam board will assume you are using it to cheat.
  • Phones/internet watches MUST be left in your bag or handed in at the designated collection point. Your phone MUST be switched off and not left on “silent”.

Q. How do I know how long an exam is?

  • This information is on your timetable under the heading “Duration.”

Q. Can I leave the exam early?

  • You must stay in the exam room for the full length of the exam.
  • You must never leave an exam room without the permission of the Invigilators.

Q. What do I do if the fire alarm goes off during an exam?

  • The Invigilators will tell you what to do.
  • If you have to evacuate the room leave everything on your desk and leave the room in silence.
  • You must not attempt to communicate with any other candidates during the evacuation.

Q. can I go to the toilet during an exam?

  • Only if it is absolutely necessary. You will be escorted by an Invigilator and will not be allowed any extra time.

Q. If I have more than one exam on a day can I get some lunch?

  • Yes, from the Refectory in the usual way but, depending on the timing of your exams, it may be better to bring a packed lunch.

Q. When is Results Day?

Q. What do I do if I don’t get the grades I need for College?

  • Connexions and Teaching staff will be available to advise you on Results Day.

Q. Can you appeal an exam result if you think it is wrong?

  • Yes, but you need to be aware that your marks could go down just as easily as they can go up. You must be prepared for that to happen.
  • Appeal requests must be submitted to the Exams Manager no later than 10 September.
  • You will be given details about all of this on Results day.
  • You must complete a consent form and return it with a cheque to cover the cost (n.b. the cost of a clerical re-mark can be as much as £130).

Q. Do I get my results certificates on Results Day?

  • No.
  • Your certificates are available at the Achievers Celebration Evening in November. You will get an invite nearer the time.

Q. What happens if I don’t collect my certificates at the Celebration Evening?

  • They will be destroyed after 12 months.